Nikki Alcaraz went missing after going on a cross-country trip with her boyfriend. This is similar to Gabby Petito‘s case. At the moment, Nikki’s boyfriend, Tyler Stratton has been placed on a wanted list. But what happened? Let’s find out.

Nikki Alcaraz Missing Update: What Happened?

Alcaraz is a mother of two from Cheatham County. She is a Tennessee and stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall, with brown eyes and black/brown hair. Nikki also bears several tattoos. According to reports, she went missing after going on a cross-country trip with her boyfriend.

Her disappearance has put her family in a state of shock. As already stated, Nikki’s case is similar to that of Gabby Petito. This scenario has made her family even more worried. According to Nikki’s sibling, Toni Alcaraz, the last contact had her, occurred three weeks ago. Nikki had embarked on a journey to visit family in Orange County, California, accompanied by her boyfriend, Tyler Stratton, and their dog. Toni expressed her concern, stating, “I talk to her almost every day, so I am scared something happened to them. It’s a trip she’s done hundreds of times. Our uncle is still in Southern California, and she goes to see him often.”

The couple’s cross-country adventure took an alarming turn when they encountered law enforcement in Torrance County, New Mexico. A report from the Torrance County Sheriff’s Office dated May 4 indicates that a witness observed Stratton allegedly assaulting Nikki, resulting in visible injuries. Although both individuals declined to press charges, authorities provided them with transportation. After being dropped off in Moriarty, Nikki called Toni, revealing her distressing condition. Toni shared, “She was crying and upset. Her eye was already turning black, and you could tell she was beaten up pretty badly.”

Following the altercation, a family friend travelled to New Mexico to meet Nikki and assist her in returning to California. However, Nikki expressed her apprehension and felt compelled to go back and find Tyler, as she had a foreboding feeling. Consequently, the friend left without her. This encounter with the family friend is believed to be the last confirmed sighting of Nikki, occurring on May 6. Two days later, on May 8, Nikki sent a text message to Toni from Arizona, stating her intention to continue the journey to California. Unfortunately, communication ceased after that Monday morning, as Nikki’s phone became unresponsive, deepening her family’s concerns.

Nikki Alcaraz Missing Update: Has she been found yet?

As of 29th May 2023, Nikki Alcaraz remains missing. Her disappearance is worrying and therefore her family needs help in locating her. Anyone with information about Nikki’s whereabouts is asked to call Moriarty, New Mexico police at 505-832-6060 or 505-834-2705.


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