A Nigerian man identified as Seye Dele has revealed the length he went to show his wife that he cares as Nigeria battles the challenging reality of increase in fuel pump price.

The loving husband revealed that he filled her car’s fuel tank and also bought petrol for the generator.

Seye shared a picture of the payment receipt and described what he did as an extremely romantic gesture, but he also bemoaned the situation which he said was a heist.

He said that he had a total of N100,000, which he wanted to use to coordinate things in June, but he spent N70,500 out of it, and now it remains N29k.

He placed a heavy curse on the relevant authorities who are responsible for the resurgence of queues and increase in fuel price.

Seye wrote; “Just performed the extremely romantic gesture of filling my wife’s fuel tank and extra for the generators at home.

By Allah, everyone involved in this heist will crumble.

100k wey I say make I use pam for June don remain 29k. Ah. Omo.”


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