Are you excited for the next chapter of Nano Machine? Looking to know what happens next in Nano Machine or what happens in Nano Machine Chapter 156? Or maybe you are looking for Nano Machine Chapter 156 release date? 

Cheon Yeoun adventures, as the Heavenly demon is almost reaching the next phase, Cheon Yeoun finds the location of the Supreme Sabre of Six Martial Arts Sect to be in Huangshan Mountain in Hangzhou Zhejiang.

Now that the Heavenly Demonic cult has the location of these mysterious martial art groups, we can finally expect to see the sects within the central plains and common forces within the world of Murim. Although the Blade God’s martial arts sect remains mysterious, the heavenly demon is one step closer to solving all the mysteries and changing the tides of the entire world of Murim.

Let’s take a peek into the latest rumors and news floating around about Nano Machine; check out the release date for the Nano Machine Chapter 156, what happens in Nano Machine Chapter 156, and a recap of Nano Machine Chapter 155.

Previously in Nano Machine Chapter 156 Recap

In Nano Machine Chapter 156, Cheon Yeoun was able to acquire the location of the Supreme Sabre of the Six Martial Arts Sect and proceeded to interrogate the other prisoner from the Wudang sect.

Nano Machine Chapter 156 Release Date
Nano Machine Chapter 155 (Credits: Naver Series (Naver), Redice Studio, Line Webtoon, 3B2S, L7, Hanjung Wolya)

As Cheon Yeoun was about to interrogate the prisoner using a psychotropic drug made from methylphenidate, the Divine Doctor begged Cheon Yeoun to let her ask the question first and explained why she was working with them and that she was asked by the Blue Heaven Society to research ways to push the body past its limits and create a martial arts technique created from modifying the body. 

As one would expect, the Blue Heaven Society kept on prolonging this matter and said the location of her granddaughter could only be found out after the war. When she asked where her granddaughter was, the prisoner answered that her daughter was in their custody and in 1 of 18 waterways of the dragon tiger claw sect.

Nano Machine Chapter 156 Release Date
Nano Machine Chapter 155 (Credits: Naver Series (Naver), Redice Studio, Line Webtoon, 3B2S, L7, Hanjung Wolya)

This answer was infuriating for the Divine Doctor as her granddaughter’s whereabouts were kept hidden intentionally, and so she jumped on the prisoner and choked him, causing the prisoner to die. Since the prisoner died, Cheon Yeoun was not able to interrogate him and get further information about the Supreme Sabre of the Six Martial Arts Sect.

Nano Machine Chapter 156, Release Date

Nanomachine is an Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Sci-fi and Shounen manhwa or Korean webcomic written by Great H and Hanjung Wolya, and drawn by GGBG; Nanomachine is published by 3B2S, L7, Naver, and Redice Studio, Nanomachine is featured on Line Webtoon.

Nano Machine Chapter 156 will release on June 1, 2023

  • Australia (Australian Eastern Standard Time): June 1, 2023
  • India (Indian Standard Time): June 1, 2023
  • Canada (Pacific Standard Time): June 1, 2023
  • South America (Brasília Time): June 1, 2023
  • Germany (Central European Time): June 1, 2023
  • Russia (Moscow Standard Time): June 1, 2023
  • Japan (Japanese Standard Time): June 1, 2023
  • Korea (Korean Standard Time): June 1, 2023
  • UK (Greenwich Mean Time): June 1, 2023
  • Philippines (PHT): June 1, 2023

Do keep in mind that even though Nano Machine follows a weekly release schedule according to Nano Machine, it can take some time for Nano Machine’s Korean raw’s to get translated to English by scanlation groups, so expect a few days of delay. Also, make sure to read Nano Machine Chapter 156 on the original translator’s page. 

Nano Machine Chapter 156: Where To Read?

Unfortunately, Nano Machine is not being translated to English by official translation groups, but since Nano Machine is one of the most popular manhwas, we can look forward to Nano Machine releasing on an official webcomic reading platform in the future. Also, make sure to avoid reading Nano Machine on websites with pirated content to support the dedication and effort of Nano Machine’s original creators! 

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