Alright, so we got the My Hero Academia Chapter 390 spoilers, and it looks like the Todoroki family drama is wrapping up in this chapter, or at least the bulk of it. There still is some more resolution, of course, that need to take place, but I think that the main conflict with Dabi is finally ending here, and judging from what is happening in the end, we are moving on to the next big final fight!

However, before we can go into it, let me just quickly go over what happened in the previous chapter because we are coming off of a week break, and that chapter was extremely short.

So we saw the Todoroki Family continuing to use their Ice Quirk together in order to mitigate Dabi’s impending implosion here. We also see that Endeavor is right up on Dabi; I don’t know what exactly he is doing; I guess he is just trying to absorb the flames or something or just stopping the Todoroki Family from getting completely nuked. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 390 Spoilers
My Hero Academia (Credit: Manga Plus)

On the other hand, Dabi was kind of having some kind of weird revolution where he finally noticed that everyone was watching him, which was like a call back to when he was young Toya when he just wanted Endeavor to watch him, butting coming back to the end of that chapter, we see Shouto and Iida, who are on their way to Dabi’s big explosive sphere thing. 

With this, we see that Iida is like pushing his quirk to the absolute max here, going as fast as he possibly can, and I guess Shouto made an Ice Jet around them or something. I was supposed to make them more aerodynamic, but also adding them a ton to them in weight.

Not only that, but we also see Shouto using Phosphor at the end of the chapter to further propel themselves, but that was where the last chapter ended. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 390 Spoilers

The upcoming chapter begins with a tragedy, where we find out that Iida’s leg has reached its limit, and that is when he tells Shouto that he can only able to take him so far, and this is when Shouto thanks him and then propels himself with the help of Phosphor. This thing also shocked the cops as he reached the transonic speed. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 390 Spoilers
My Hero Academia (Credit: Manga Plus)

Apparently, Transonic speed is greater than 250 miles per hour but less than 760 miles per hour, so yeah, he is going pretty fast, but I don’t know. I thought he would have been going faster than that, but still Ultra Impressive.

That is why I think Shouto was using Phosphor, and he is just continuing to use it to get him to the destination because Iida can’t keep up anymore, and I hope that this is not Iida’s end game. I mean, there are gonna be quite a few more chapters in the series, so hopefully, he will have something else that he is gonna do other than just transporting Shouto. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 390 Spoilers
My Hero Academia (Credit: Manga Plus)

Later in the chapter, we see that Tsukauchi remembers what All Might had said about the two students being the key, and that was also when he realized that he had become a good teacher, and we also see that Iida thanks his friends who allowed him to become his one and only ideal stuff.

This is what worries me right there, Iida saying this. Just like I said, I hope that this is not going to be the last thing Iida does, probably not, but it might be the last significant thing that he does maybe. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 390 Spoilers
My Hero Academia (Credit: Manga Plus)

Along with that, Iida also wishes that Shouto becomes his ideal self. This was also when we finally get to see what he actually had written to his mother, with the narrator stating that he says that he is trying his level best every single day to reach the level of his classmates, and not only that, he is practicing conversation, as well. 

I think that that is cute. I really do like Post Traitor Arc Shouto, which has taken up the majority of the series at this point, but he was kind of rough in the beginning if you remember back that far or if you have recently watched the first and second seasons of the anime. 

You will be able to read My Hero Academia Chapter 390 on Manga Plus

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