The 7 Most Hated Chelsea Players

At Chelsea, a lot of players have come and gone. Some players have left a lasting legacy. Others created a legacy as the most hated Chelsea player.

Some players were included because they were hated or feared by rival fans, while others were loathed by Chelsea fans.

We’re going to create a list of the seven most hated Chelsea players.

1. Diego Costa

Playing duration2014–2017
Red card1
Yellow card26

Many Chelsea supporters loved Diego Costa. However, the majority of Premier League fans disliked him. Costa was a constant nuisance to opponents, getting in their faces, causing fights and pushing players over, etc. He would do anything for victory. Chelsea has not seen the worst side of their game this season. This could explain why we are currently fifth.

Costa gave Chelsea an aggressive edge and scored goals. There are some things The Blues have missed this season. Alvaro Morata has just not done it for Chelsea. Costa is a Chelsea striker who deserves to be remembered, despite only being here for three years.

2. Dennis Wise

Playing duration1990–2001
Red card5
Yellow card70

From 1990 to 2001, Dennis Wise was a Chelsea player and played 332 games in the league. Dennis was a notorious troublemaker on the pitch and was often involved in fights. Wise was also involved in controversy off the pitch.

In 1995, he was charged with assaulting an elderly taxi driver. Wise was sentenced to three months. It was so bad. He was able to have the conviction overturned on appeal. In 1998, the Englishman also bit Elena Marcelino, Real Mallorca defender. Wise was known for picking up many red cards while he was at Chelsea. Dennis has four red cards and is the most hated Chelsea player.

3. Vinnie Jones

Playing duration1991–1992
Red card7
Yellow card36

Vinnie Jones, now an actor, has appeared in many British and American movies. He was once a footballer. He was a Chelsea footballer. Jones was a player from 1991 to 1992.

He was known for being one of the most dangerous and hated players, which eventually led to him being called the “football hardman” in movies. However, he was hated by most of his rival fans. A video he showed called “Soccer’s tough men” earned him a lot of criticism. He basically taught budding footballers how they could hurt and kick other footballers.

Jones has been in films such as Lock Stock, Two Smoking Barrels, and Gone in 60 Seconds. In the American film EuroTrip, Jones played a football thug.

4. Nicolas Anelka

Playing duration2008–2012
Red card1
Yellow card70

Nicolas Anelka, also known as “Le Sulk”, was known for his disruptive personality, stubbornness, and inability to accept authority. Anelka was not a good friend of his managers. After verbally abusing Raymond Domenech, Anelka nearly caused a mutiny during France’s 2010 World Cup campaign. He was then sent home.

Anelka missed the crucial penalty for Chelsea in the 2008 Champions League Final penalty shootout defeat to Manchester United. Anelka blamed Avram Grant. After his anti-Semitic quenelle celebrations, his time in the Premier League came to an abrupt halt in 2014.

5. John Terry

Playing duration1998–2017
Red card6
Yellow card69

John Terry is loved and adored by Stamford Bridge, and it’s rightfully so. However, Terry is also one of the most hated players in Chelsea.

After almost twenty years of service at Chelsea, Terry is a legend. Terry has been involved in many scandals.

Terry also slept with Wayne Bridge’s wife; Terry was married. It seems Bridge and Bridge were divorced at the time. However, it doesn’t make matters any better.

6. Ashley Cole

Playing duration2006–2014
Red card3
Yellow card61

After Ashley Cole left Arsenal for Chelsea in 2006, almost all Arsenal fans hated him. While many claim Cole left to make a better living, Cole insisted that he did so because he wanted to win trophies. Arsenal fans hate Cole regardless of his motives.

Cole was nicknamed “Cashley Cole” and was regularly booed by Arsenal supporters whenever he played against them. Cole was even charged by the FA and found guilty of having contact with Chelsea before he moved to the Blues. For this, he was fined PS100,000. Cole later attacked Arsenal in his autobiography, claiming that the Arsenal board had made Cole a scapegoat for the move.

In 2008, Cole was also in the news because of allegations that he had cheated upon Cheryl Cole, his wife. Cole was alleged to have had an affair with three women during his marriage. They split in 2010 after Cole allegedly cheated again. Many football fans hated Cole because of this.

7. Arjen Robben

Playing duration2004–2007
Red card2
Yellow card8

Despite a strong World Cup campaign for the Netherlands, Arjen Robben has been in bad press for his tendency to fall to the ground a lot too often. In order to get his team a penalty, he admitted to diving. This was a controversial admission that drew ire from some fans.

The Dutchman was involved with Pepe Reina, Liverpool’s goalkeeper, during his Chelsea playing days between 2004 and 2007. After some provocative words from Robben, Reina moved his arm towards Robben’s face. Robben immediately fell to the ground like an exhausted potato sack. Reina was given a straight red card by the referee for “violent behavior.”

Reina said that Robben had “done well enough” to win an Oscar for his theatrics. Rafael Benitez, the Liverpool manager at that time, joked that Robben would soon “be going to the hospital to check on Robben.” Robben is a talented player, but he is the most hated Chelsea player because of his history of cheating and diving.


We discussed the 7 most hated players in Chelsea. Now, did you get the reason why they are the most hated players? 

Many of Chelsea’s problems are their own fault, while others have been caused by someone else. 

We thought it would be surprising to take a deeper look at why Chelsea is so hated in Britain and spotlight the players who have been so vilified by the opposition.

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