Meet Mike Day Seal Family: Wikipedia And Age

Well, people still remember the amazing and true story of former Navy SEAL Douglas “Mike” Day. But do you know the story or what exactly happened? If not then stay tuned to this article to gain more details about Mike Day Seal.

In Mike’s life, the most remembered and the most surprising thing that happened during serving his country in Iraq is he was shot 27 times and was able to survive. This was one of the most spoken about and praised incidents in his life that people cannot forget.

When it was announced that the navy was no more, many immediately began posting their condolences and tributes to the retired Navy SEAL online and some also began searching for information about his life, and family.

In addition to this, there are rumors that he might have killed himself, which may have led to his death.

Nowadays Mike Day’s Wikipedia page is on trending as he is no more and fans are eagerly looking for his details.

Mike’s Wikipedia Page And Age

Unfortunately, Mike does not have a page on Wikipedia! However, multiple pages have been opened in his name for his courageous life in the navy and service in the military.

The day was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on May 24, 1975, but spent the majority of his childhood in Auburn, Washington. When he passed away a week ago, he was only 48 years old.

Mike’s Life In The Navy

In 1996, Douglas “Mike” Day signed up to serve in the Navy, and four years later, he was accepted into the Navy SEAL program.

As Day was leading a squad of four Navy SEALs into Iraq on the 6th of April, 2007, they were on a mission to capture a high-value target when enemy fire brought down their helicopter.

Though Day was receiving severe wounds, he did not stop the fire and ended the lives of several hostile warriors, which allowed his men to escape to safe places.

He was hit by shrapnel in multiple places, had 27 gunshot wounds, and suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of the explosion.

The initial stage of his medical care took place at a military hospital in Germany, and then he was transferred to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland.

Mike’s Family

The identities of Mike’s mother and father as well as his wife have not been made public. Yet, it has been assumed that his father was a veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War.

Mike often spoke about the vital role that his family had in his recovery after the injuries he had in Iraq.

The major caretaker for Mike was his wife, who put in countless hours to assist him in regaining his strength and mobility. Day has said that she is the one who helped him get back on his feet and heal from his injuries.

In honor of his courageous actions during the operation, Day was presented with the Navy Cross, the United States Navy’s second-highest award during a ceremony held in 2012 on the occasion of his 37th birthday.

In addition to that, he was awarded a Bronze Star with Valor, two Purple Hearts, and the Joint Service Commendation Medal.

Day, who had previously served in the Navy, is now an advocate for the rights of veterans and has authored a book on his time in the military.

Day’s book was titled “Perfectly Wounded” in which he discussed what actually happened after the miracle and the support he received from his loved ones while he was recovering from his injuries.

He has talked in the book about his problems with physical and emotional injuries, as well as his path to recovery from those disabilities.

He also described the difficulties that his injuries brought to his relationship with his wife and children, as well as how all of them worked together to tackle those issues.

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