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Michael E. Wojdag, 46, died on 19 February 2023 from an automobile mishap near Exit 6 of Interstate 93 in Braintree. His unexpected demise has left his loved ones shocked and inconsolable. There are no adequate words to describe such a painful, significant loss.

Like you and me, many people are asking for Michael Wojdag Obituary as Michael, the proud Director of Finance Operations for RMR Group, was slain in a mishap brought on by two cars racing. The life of 46-year-old Michael E. Wojdag is gone because of two vehicles that were at abnormal speeds and potentially racing on Sunday near Braintree.

Michael was born on 16 April 1976, growing up in Upton, MA, and Walpole, MA.  He was a proud husband, dad, devoted son, brother, and uncle. As Michael was the Director of Finance Operations of the RMR Group, he was proud to be a part of this family.

Here are Details About Michael Wojdag Car Accident and Action Taken by American Cops

Unfortunately, the 46-Years Old Man, Michael, Died In Braintree Car Accident due to the negligence of the two car racers. Massachusetts State Police are looking for Braintree for two cars engaged in a race at Exit 6 of Interstate 93 in Braintree, Massachusetts. However, the two racers involved in this case immediately left the area, according to the introductory statement of the police. The police added that one of the vehicles was a sedan.

A Hanson resident, Michael Wojdag, was the Tahoe driver and was slain. At that time, a teenage citizen, a 45-year-old lady, and two additional Tahoe passengers were at South Shore Hospital with minor wounds. According to the present authorities, five people inside the Civic were well enough.

The responsible cops, in this case, are passing a very crucial time to get any evidence about the vehicles or the collision being sought from the public side.

The State Police of Milton Barracks at (617) 698-5840 or the State Police Troop H Detective Unit at (617) 740-7544 become aware of collecting some evidence. Therefore they are on the field to collect information about any other vehicles that may have been involved in this collision or any cars passing at high speeds on Route 93 in the Braintree area just before 9 pm Sunday, 19 February, to get in touch with them.

According to the country’s law, the two associated persons would be punished, and we hope that thus the family of Michael will get justice for this unbearable loss.

His Funeral Rituals, At a Glance

Regarding Michael Wojdag’s funeral rituals, on Friday, February 24, visitation will be held from 3 pm to 7 pm at the Sullivan Funeral Homes, 2 Maquan St near Junction Route 14&58, Hanson in Massachusetts. Friends and relatives are welcome to visit during hours on Friday. Here you all can give support to this family by providing good words. After that, on February 25, at 11 am, the funeral mass will be held in Holy Apostle Church, 1 Maquan St., Route 14, Hanson, Massachusetts.

His wife, children, and parents are becoming in trauma and going through a difficult time due to his sudden demise. Therefore we should support this family tactfully so that their privacy and ethical issues are rescued. In addition, we can play a significant role here in providing the data to the cops related to the racers to bring them under the umbrella of justice.

At the final description stage, in addition to flowers, please consider some donations to the Kevin from Heaven Foundation,, that will be more effective for this family to handle this unexpected situation.

About Michael Wojdag’s Delightful Family

In addition to his work, Michael had a loving family as a loving Father, spouse, son, uncle, and brother. Nothing made him happier and being peaceful than being with his family. Michael Wojdag regularly went on different trips, games, and functions with his wife, sons, and more from the family, showing the role of a proud father. He was always the room’s most proud father, son, and husband.

In 2004 Michael married Amy (Monahan) and had two lovely children, Emma ( Age 16) and Ryan ( Age 14). Michael is also left by Amy’s parents, Hugh Monahan and Kathleen, as well as his brother-in-law Matt Monahan and his spouse, Jen. His parents are Edwin Wojdag and Diane of Upton in Massachusetts.

He was also the greatest uncle to Cody Forbes, Kyle Forbes, Brady Forbes, Calley Forbes, Wyc Wojdag, Colton Wojdag, Bodie Wojdag, Reeve Wojdag, Jack Monahan, and Grace Monahan.

Bottom Line

As Michael’s family and friends, we all are deeply disheartened and shocked by his sudden death. And here is all for you about this hyped topic. Stay connected with us to explore such updated news.

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