Michael B Jordan's Dating History: Love Life, Girlfriends

The tall, dark, handsome Michael B Jordan of Hollywood has been linked to dating some well-known names from the world of celebrities, which range from singers to models. Although the actor prefers to keep his love life in the dark, we all know that it doesn’t take time for gossip and rumors to spread.

Here we are today to give you all the juicy details about Michael B Jordan’s dating history and who he has been linked up with over the past.

For those of you who are dying to know the names of his ex-girlfriends, here is a little head start before getting into all the details.

NameYears Together
Iggy Azalea2012-2013
Kendall Jenner2015
Lupita Nyong’o2019
Kiki Layne2019
Cindy Bruna2019
Lori Harvey2021-2022

1. Iggy Azalea

The actor’s first relationship that came into the limelight was with Azalea, the rapper whom he dated from April 2012- January 2013. Although the couple tried their level best to keep their relationship a secret, they were often seen hanging out together in L.A.

Unfortunately, the two could not stick together for long and called it quits in just about 9 months, which marked the end of the first relationship in Michael B Jordan’s dating history. Later in an interview after the breakup, Azalea commented about Jordan, saying, ‘Love someone who understands that the dream comes first.

Love someone that loves the fact that you have goals.’ The reason for this somewhat negative remark towards Jordan is that Azalea only saw him once in 9 months because she was overloaded with work and had to keep canceling to maintain the relationship. The rapper also mentioned that at first Jordan understood her priority towards work, but eventually, he couldn’t take it anymore and decided to go his separate way.

2. Kendall Jenner

The gorgeous reality star Jenner and actor Jordan were seen to have left the 2015 MET Gala after-party hand in hand. This sparked huge rumors in the tabloids giving people something to talk about, but later, Jordan clarified that nothing was going on between the two.

Weirdly his fans were upset about him dating the 19-year-old star, but Jordan clarified that he and Kendall were only friends and they didn’t know each other well enough to be dating.

Many of Jordan’s black fans said that he should have been with a black woman rather than a white one. This remark triggered Jordan’s temper, and he addressed people by saying, You know — it’s 2015. It’s okay!” Jordan added, “People can like one another, not necessarily from the same history or culture.’

Nonetheless, whatever the case, only Jordan and Jenner know what happened between them despite what we say and hear!!!

3. Lupita Nyong’o

The two are well known for acting opposite one another in the movie Black Panther. But in January 2019 right at the beginning, the duo caused quite a stir after they posted a video of them making out in an elevator. This left fans thinking that Jordan and Lupita have something going on behind closed doors!!!

But yet again we all became disheartened when the actors admitted that they were just very good friends with good chemistry between them.

4. Kiki Layne

The fourth name to go down in the list of Michael B Jordan’s dating history is the actress Kiki Layne.

The two were seen partying and flirting with each other all night on January 25, 2019, at the Tao Nightclub. A source said that the two were placed on separate tables, but then, within a matter of 10 minutes, Layne made her way to Jordan’s table, making it evident that they were together. Also, she was seen constantly rubbing her hands on his head whilst he was kissing her cheek now and then, but shockingly both of the actors were against having their photograph taken with one another.

On the contrary, it has to be said that either the relationship was a very short one or it was kept well away from the media as there have been no more reports on the couple since that night.

5. Cindy Bruna

Known as the first black model to walk for Calvin Klein and currently in a long-term contract with Victoria’s Secret has also been linked to romancing with Jordan.

The two celebrities were seen having a long four-hour dinner at Carbone in New York City in 2019. The paparazzi managed to click a few pictures of them upon leaving the restaurant, but in a short while, they both went in opposite directions as the media wouldn’t leave their backs.

However, the duo was not seen in public since that night but were constantly seen following each other and liking one another’s pictures on social media, till date we don’t know whether they were an item or just friends having a good time.

6. Lori Harvey

After all the rumors and speculations about Michael B Jordan’s dating history, he finally found what he thought to be the love of his life, Lori Harvey, the daughter of the famous comedian Steve Harvey in 2021. But yet again he could not hold onto this relationship for long resulting in a breakup in June 2022.

Their journey began when they were seen together twice at the end of 2020, once in Harvey’s hometown and another time in Salt Lake City. But it was not until January 2021 that both of them uploaded romantic pictures on social media to make their relationship public. This even leads to Lori’s father, Steve Harvey, giving his approval of the relationship.

In April 2021, Jordan admitted that he was head over heels in love with Harvey, after which he posted a video of them looking over the sunset on vacation. As the couple continued to find comfort in each other whilst enjoying one another’s company throughout the months, they celebrated their first anniversary together in November 2021, posting intimate pictures to their stories on Instagram.

In March 2022, Jordan and Lori were the talks of the town when they made their appearance hand in hand at the Vanity Fair Oscar, taking photos in style and looking happier than ever.

But unfortunately, in June 2002, their everlasting romance took a turn for the worst and came to an end, leaving the couple heartbroken. The alleged reason for their breakup was that Harvey was very focused on her career and preferred to have fun in life rather than commit herself to a serious relationship.

Whereas Jordan was ready for a long-term relationship as he could be himself around her bringing out the best in each other. Whatever the case, both of them had a very tough time moving on, especially Jordan, as he thought she was the one.

Final wrap up

Michael B Jordan’s dating history tells us that he has not been very lucky in terms of finding the perfect woman. Although he has been seen with quite a few big names like Kendall, Layne, and so on, we know that Lori Harvey was the one he fell for the big time.

Currently, the actor is single and on the hunt for the perfect lady who will focus more on him rather than anything else. Let’s all hope we can see Jordan uploading pictures with someone by his side very soon.

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