Sports WAG Melissa Satta has refuted claims that Matteo Berrettini back injury, which prevents him from competing in the forthcoming Italian Open in Rome, was caused by excessive b*nking

The girlfriend of athetennis pro has fired back.

Girlfriend Melissa Satta denies Matteo Berrettini back injury was due to her having excessive s*x

The girlfriend of a tennis pro fired back at assertions that too much s*x caused her boyfriend’s injury. Due to an abdominal ailment, Matteo Berrettini will miss the next Italian Open in Rome, which begins on Monday. The player’s partner, Italian model and influencer Melissa Satta has been accused of causing the injury by overindulging in the bedroom.

The 37-year-old told Vanity Fair, “Too bad it’s an injury in the same spot as the one in 2021 when I didn’t know him. Do I really have to answer to these folks, though?”

Satta claimed that when she was married to German footballer Kevin Prince Boateng, who is now with Hertha Berlin, she was subjected to the same accusations. She said that once her ex-husband had pubalgia [a persistent groyne lesion]. And people attacked her there as well, claiming that their excessive s*xual activity was the root of his physical issues.

There is evidence of sexism both historically and currently. Men are constantly distracted by women, and if a woman loses, it’s because of what she eats rather than a man.

Satta has been calm about the accusations.

Satta, who has nearly five million Instagram followers, claims she had to restrain herself from responding angrily to such online slurs. When their story went viral in January, it was something that had been going on for months: “Berrettini doesn’t win because there’s Satta who distracts him, it’s too demanding.”

However, Satta was keeping back. She does not criticise anything posted on social media. She tries to carry judgements with ease. “Melissa Satta brings bad luck,” reads the headline of a newspaper following the match at the Monte Carlo event, which Matteo won but had to halt due to injury. How is that even possible to write? It is unethical.

However, Satta recently broke her silence on Instagram, pleading with followers to respect her relationship with Berrettini, who is ten years her junior. She wrote that she has been getting a lot of sexist, abusive, and insulting texts. However, the truth is she is just trying to have a romantic relationship with another person, and she just wants to try to be happy too, the public figure claims.



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