Meghan Trainor's Heartfelt Insights on Motherhood and Parenting

Meghan Trainor has shared her and her husband Daryl Sabara’s experience of becoming parents and has given fascinating insights into their special moments. The couple, who got married in 2018, welcomed their son Riley in February 2021.

Trainor faced many difficulties during her pregnancy, including a diagnosis of gestational diabetes. She told Ryan Seacrest in March 2021 that she initially felt guilty about the health issue, saying, “I’m like, ‘I’m sorry, man! I ate such junk in the first few trimesters.’ But they told me it’s not my fault; it’s in my genes, as my mom also had it.”

Meghan Trainor experienced a difficult delivery for her son, Riley. In June 2021, she spoke about the “terrifying” experience Today. Riley was born without crying or making any noise, causing Trainor to worry as he had trouble breathing. The singer shared her personal story to raise awareness about the challenges of childbirth.

The Grammy-winning artist recently spoke about her experience with her newborn. The baby was taken for medical attention immediately after birth, only allowing the mother to see him for a short moment. However, after five days, the family brought the baby home.

The artist also addressed the nurses who questioned her mental health and its possible impact on the baby’s stay in the NICU. She shared that she was on a low dose of antidepressants during her pregnancy, as advised by her doctors.

The actress’s statement highlights the challenges faced by new mothers and the importance of understanding mental health in relation to pregnancy and parenting.

After witnessing her son reach various milestones, the host of Australian Idol expressed her desire to expand her family. She revealed her goal to have four children but would settle for at least three. The experience of seeing her first child in the NICU strengthened her desire to have more children.

In 2023, the performer announced her second pregnancy, with the baby due to arrive in the summer. She shared the news on Instagram. She also posted ultrasound images and expressed excitement about welcoming another child with her husband.

This article highlights the singer’s thoughts on motherhood and her journey to expanding her family.

April 2021

Trainor had a tough time after giving birth to her son Riley. But she’s grateful for his good health and happiness. She shared this in an Instagram post with a video of her family. “Riley is perfect, happy, and healthy. Lucky to be your mama,” she wrote.

February 2022

Trainor spoke about balancing motherhood and her career in an interview with Parents magazine. She shared a helpful piece of advice she received. “You’re not a bad mom, you’re a working mom supporting your family. It makes you realize the beauty and preciousness of life and drives you to be the best for your child,” she said. She added that having a child has made her more motivated than ever.

May 2022

Trainor’s baby motivated her to prioritize her health. She shared on Today that she wants to eat well and exercise regularly to live a long life and be there for her child. Parenting is the biggest drive for her wellness journey, she said. “If I take care of myself, I can live forever and take care of him,” she explained.

August 2022

Trainor told that watching her baby grow has made her want more kids. “If I could’ve gotten pregnant earlier, I would have,” she said with a hint of humor. “We’re busy now but in November and December, I’ll be trying to conceive.” She wants to be in good health when trying for another baby.

September 2022

Trainor shared her thoughts on motherly love with Entertainment Weekly. She said that having a child shows you the true meaning of love and the fear that comes with it. “You don’t know love until you have your own child. It opens you up to new possibilities of having your heart broken because of love,” she said. When her baby was just a week old, she would cry at the thought of anything happening to him. The overwhelming love she felt was a wake-up call to her, making everything even more important.

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