Meet Nima Momeni’s Wife And His Family And Children

People are looking for Nima Momeni’s wife after he was put in jail for being a suspect in the death of Bob Lee. Here is all the information you need.

Nima Momeni is an IT expert and business owner from the US city of Emeryville in California. Momeni has owned Expand IT, Inc.

Momeni had been a contractor at Diablo IT, SPOC, and other places before that. In the same way, he has worked as an IT Administrator/Consultant at Coast Range IT.

Momeni worked at Marfic as a System/Network Engineer from 2005 to 2007. Also, Momeni’s name has been going around since the police arrested him because he was thought to be the person who killed Cash App founder and cryptocurrency business Executive Bob Lee.

People are now looking for answers to many questions about Nima’s personal life, especially his marriage, which we are now going to talk about in depth below.

Nima Momeni’s Wife

As we could find out that Nima is married but his wife’s name has never been mentioned in any social media. So we do not know his wife’s name and also there are no details about his marriage disclosed on the Internet.

Therefore we cannot say when he got married as he did not come into the media limelight before the police arrested him.

As people knew about his arrest and crime, they became interested to know everything about Nima and his love life. So, we can just hope and wait for some time until his family and wife are revealed in this situation.

Nima’s Family Details And Children

As I have said earlier that he is married but we could not find much information about him so we do not know if he has any children or not. Though nothing is shared on social media, we can assume that he might have children.

Moreover, Nima did not even share his children’s names. So as the less information on the social sites, we could not find out more details about his family members but we just know that he has a sister whose name is Khazar Elyassnia and is married to Dino Elyassnia.

Khazar’s partner is a well-known plastic surgeon in San Francisco. She is also in the news because of what her brother did. Khazar and her husband were seen in court when her brother went to see a judge.

Besides this, photographs taken inside her home showed that the blonde hair and Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses she wears give her a sweet and innocent appearance. 

Ethnicity Of Nima Momeni?

According to a number of websites, Nima Momeni was born and raised in the United States. Nima also lived in a small city called Emeryville, which was between Berkeley and Oakland.

Momeni knows Farsi, which is an important language in the Middle East and Central Asia, and it is said that he may be of Iranian descent.

Akash Sawhney used to work with Nima, and he told the Chronicle that he was a Zoroastrian. Zoroastrianism is an Iranian religion and one of the world’s oldest organized religions. It is based on the teachings of the prophet Zoroaster, who spoke Iranian.

Taking all of these factors into account, many respected reports on the internet stated that Momeni may be of Iranian origin. Since he is already in custody, we hope and wish to get additional information about his case as soon as possible.

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