Meet José Pisani and His Wife Romina

Who was José Pisani? Everyone has a lot of questions about him because he was the one who ended up getting killed when he tried to break up a fight at Olivia’s La Cala.

José Pisani was a 55-year-old man who was employed at the Costa del Sol restaurant that was owned by the former Towie star Elliott Wright. Pisani was employed by the establishment in the capacity of a bouncer.

As a result of the most recent tragedy, people are talking about him all over town since Pisani passed away after being involved in a fight at the Costa del Sol restaurant.

Since Wright took ownership of the restaurant two years ago, Pisani has maintained a professional relationship with the restaurant. Wright is a well-known British reality television star who rose to fame after acting in the show “The Only Way is Essex.”

Meet José Pisani

Born Jose Rafael Pisani Pardo, Jose Pisani worked as a bouncer at the restaurant Costa del Sol. His full name is Jose Pisani. In addition to that, he was of Spanish origin but had Venezuelan background. 

Pisani knew everyone and had a great friendship with Elliott Wright, who owned the Costa del Sol restaurant. Wright was saddened by Pisani’s death and also paid him a tribute.

He also chose, out of respect, to close the business for two days. 

More information about Pisani is still about to come so keep in touch.

Death and Obituary Of Jose

On Sunday, it was said that José Pisani had died because he had not gotten better from his injuries. He got hurt when he tried to stop a fight at Olivia’s La Cala.

After getting hurt trying to get one of the guys involved in the fight out of the Spanish restaurant, Pisani reportedly had a life support machine turned off.

Pisani is said to have injured his head on the floor when he fell. Jose was knocked out and taken to a hospital in Malaga, where he was put in special care because he was in such terrible condition.

When the news came out that he had died, everyone was shocked, and people started leaving memorials on social media. Also, words of sympathy are sent to the family.

Pisani was close to everyone and was one of the most important people in the family. He was also a married man.

Meet His Wife Romina and His Children

José Pisani was married, and he and his wife, Romina, had a happy life together. Romina, his wife, is an Italian who was born in Chile. It’s said that they got married five months ago.

They were already making plans to have kids and start their own families. Romina Acun works as a personal trainer and teacher. Their wedding took place in Las Vegas.

Also, it is said that Pisni is the father of two children from a previous union. The family is also very sad, and Romina is one of the saddest people I know.

She has talked to the public about what happened to her husband. Romina said that Pisani sent her a message saying he was scared a few hours before the accident that killed him. Pisani said he was scared because so many people were drunk.

Romina told him to be careful after she got the message, and he comforted her that he only had a short time to do it before going to the House.

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