The mers of May You Reach A Sacred Place have announced the release date of chapter 31 as they said next chapter of the series will be out soon

If you’re not sure what happened in the last chapter of May You Reach A Sacred Place, let us me it clear, previous chapter started with Vienie is standing on the edge of a cliff, her limb bruised and battered. She was right next to Macklart, who was ten aback when she fell off. She was about to drown in the river when she was picked up and saved. Vienie believes Macklart is only upset because his valuable pawn has died.

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He appeared to be a Nox based on the color of his eyes. It turns out that Macklart did not eliminate all of the Nox. Vienie saw the man’s face near the mass grave and Rave castle. Vienie, posing as Ennie, tells him that Sir Macklart murdered her mother and that she barely escaped. She requested his assistance.

The scene shifts to Vienie speing to him, who tells her that she will be welcomed with open arms into his group. She was a valuable asset because they were able to defeat their opponents thanks to the information Vienie provided.

Chapter 31 Release Date

For those who are curious to know more about the release date of Chapter 31 of May You Reach A Sacred Place, let us tell you, upcoming installment of the manga series will be out on

The international readers of the series will be able to read next chapter online as per their region’s time-zone such as:

EST ( Eastern Standard Time): 5:00 AM

PST (Pacific Standard Time): 2:00 AM

CST (Central Standard Time): 4:00 AM

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): 9:00 AM

CET (Central European Time): 11:00 AM

IST (India Standard Time): 2:30 PM

PKST (Pistan Standard Time): 2:00 PM

PHT (Philippine Time): 5:00 PM

JST (Japan Standard Time): 6:00 PM

KST (Korea Standard Time): 6:00 PM

AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time): 7:00 PM

Where to Read

If you’re wondering where you can read next chapter of I’m Not That Kind of Talent, let us remind you, Chapter 31 of the manga series will be available to read online on Naver Series, Naver Webtoon and TapyyToons.


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