Popular Nigerian actor, Ime Bishop Umoh, also known as Okon Lagos, has prayed for things not to get to a situation where the country misses the outgoing president, Muhammadu Buhari.

He took to his Instagram story and wished for the incoming administration not to mismanage the country to a point of nostalgia for the past government.

The comic actor noted that Nigerians always miss their past leaders because the economy gets worse with each successive administration.

Okon asserted that the outgoing president is fulfilled because he achieved his lifelong dream of ruling the nation either under military or civilian rule.

He claimed that Buhari only contested to achieve his selfish ambition of ruling Nigeria again, and it was never that of service.

Okon wrote; “Wasn’t really about us. It was only about his lifelong ambition of leading Nigeria at the apex level whether by military or civil rule. Like one who is h*rny, he has cvm.. pleasured, satisfied, done and dusted! Nigerians always miss their past leaders cos things are always getting worse.

My prayer: May we not have a Nigeria where we all will sincerely miss BUHARI. God abeeggg!!!”


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