Matt Stonie Net Worth Career And Lifestyle

Matt Stonie’s YouTube channel has crossed over 15.5 million subscribers by today! This American YouTuber’s net worth is approximately 3 million USD.

Matt is a popular face in the American YouTuber society. He is mostly known for his competitive eating videos and especially for doing various food challenge vlogs. His youtube videos are watched more than 3.1 billion times by today!

A full meal of McDonald’s challenge, Mr. Deast’s complete menu challenge, eating the world’s largest burger, ten thousand fries eating challenges, and many others are his most popular videos on youtube.

His real name is Matthew Kai Stonie, but most of his fans call him, “Matt’. However, some people know him as Megatoad. His unique food-eating challenges have given him a large fanbase. There are 398 videos on his official YouTube channel.

Though Matt is currently enjoying his youtube career he has further other career preferences to shit.

Now, we will take you to the biography of this young YouTuber with his income, net worth, and how he spends his millions of dollars.

Biographical Information
Official NameMatthew Kai Stonie
NicknameMatt, Megatoad
Net Worth (Approximate)3 – 9.3 Million USD
Date of Birth24 May 1992
Age30 Years
Birth PlaceSan Jose, California, United States
Zodiac SignGemini
Height5’ 8’’ (173 cm)
Weight             61 kg (134 lbs)
Shoe Size8 US
Color of EyeGreen
Color of HairDark Brown
Father’s NameDorian Stonie
Mother’s NameCathy Stonie
Number of Siblings1
Name of SiblingMorgan Stonie
EducationMission College

Matt Stonie Net Worth and Income

Popular food vlog YouTuber Matt Stonie’s net worth has crossed USD 3 million by the February of 2023. The YouTuber has made most of his million-dollar fortune from his Youtube Career.

If we go according to subscriber count, his main YouTube channel has more than 15.5 million subscribers and an average of 3.1 million viewers regularly. It is assumed that Matt earns around 20,000 USD each day and the only stream of this income is his video view count, promotional clips, and ads on his YouTube.

According to a report by Social Blade, Matt ranks 125th most popular YouTuber in his homeland America. On the other side, his YouTube channel ranks 109th as an entertainment YouTube channel. Now we will see the individual (approximate) numbers that Matt earns from his three YouTube channels.

YT Channel NameApproximate Monthly EarningsSubscribers’ Growth in this February 2023
Matt Stonie5,600 USD to 88,900 USD100 Thousand
Stonie Gaming24 USD to 380 USD1.6 Thousand
Stonie Shorts7000 USD to 111,300 USD76 Thousand

Externally, Matt earns from sponsors and endorsements as he has a very popular face on different social media and internet platforms. A number of brands approach him to become their brand ambassador or play role in their advertisements.

Matt also sells his own merchandise, he sells his customized printed hoodies, clothes, and other items. Most of his potential customers are from his loyal fanbase.

Matt Stonie Lifestyle and Dating

Matthew Kai Stonie, more known as Matt Stonie grew up with his sibling brother Morgan Stonie. Morgan is also a YouTuber, he often appears on his channel to give challenges.

Matt has studied nutrition at Mission College in Santa Clara, California. After his study, he planned to become a dietitian. And this is the secret behind his maintaining fitness and a healthy body even after consuming so many calories.

Matt started making YT videos in 2012. His first video was, he drank a gallon of Gatorade in a whopping 37 seconds.

Now let’s talk about his dating life, Matt Stonie is now dating Mei. Mei has been seen many times in Matt’s videos and she is also seen helping Matt behind the camera during his work times. These signs make us feel that this couple is a perfect one and happier with each other.

Matt Stonie Secret Charity

Matt just not earns he also works for the community. The donation list of this young YouTuber is very long!

In an interview with CNN, this YouTuber said that he feels very fortunate to be able to eat in such a luxurious way and he dreams that needy people will get the same eating offerings. The maximum number of money Matt donates is for ending the hunger issue worldwide.

According to him, hugger is one of the biggest issues in the world. While many think eating for sports is a waste of food; Matt uses his platforms and challenges to collect a huge amount of money to use in ending the global hunger issue.

Similarly, he acknowledges hunger as a big issue in the World.

Matt Stonie Career Story

Matt Stonie has turned his passion for eating into his career by becoming a food YouTuber.

Similarly, he has defeated eight-time speed-eating champion Joey Chestnut at Nathan’s International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Matt started his professional competitive eating career for free food. As a broke college student, he started competing in the sport to win some prizes and money. He got USD 1000 by winning the lobster5-roll-eating contest. There Matt ate out 24 lobster rolls!

He has a big number of world records for his speed-eating skills. Though he had a tough start now he has a big name in the speed-eating world arena.

This YouTube star is fond of music, he plays the guitar in his leisure time.

Matt is now the most viewed competitive eating creator on YouTube. His videos crossed more than three billion total views to date. He has also participated in Copy That final as a special guest by YouTube originals.

Three Facts About Matt Stonie

  • Matt was belated and dehydrated in his beginning days as a speed-eating competitor.
  • Matt’s grocery costs are noted as job expenses as he needs to practice for competitive food-eating competitions. So he buys his grocery from the company fund.
  • Famous YouTuber Matt Stonie has complete heterochromia.
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