Matt James Dating History: Love life, Girl Friend 

Before leaping into Matt James’ dating history, allow me to give you a brief introduction to the tall, dark and handsome young man.

Matt James is the first African-American male to have a lead cast on the 25th season of the tv reality show ‘The Bachelor.’ Despite being the dream man for many women, the real estate broker has hardly dated in the past. All because he was broke most of the time and could not afford to take women out on dates!!

Nonetheless, in the past, he has been linked to a young lady named Madison Nelson, who almost became a contestant on ‘The Bachelor.’ However, currently, James is with Rachel Kirkconnell, whom he met on the show and fell for in real life.

Stay with us to find out about Matt James’ ex, and we will also talk about how things are with him and Rachael currently.

For now, let’s glance at the two names that Matt James has been in a relationship.

NameTime together
Madison Nelson2019
Rachael Kirkconnell2020- Present

1. Madison Nelson

Madisson Nelson 

According to Matt James’ dating history, he dated Madison Nelson, a communications expert who lives in New York. Madison met Matt James through mutual friends in August 2019.

The couple allegedly dated for a couple of months before splitting up, although the reason behind their break up is not known. While dating, the two were seen together once in public when attending a fashion show.

By the way, is it me, or do you also find it hard to believe that he only dates two women in his entire life?

Matt only dated once before he met Rachael, whom we will talk about next.

2. Rachael Kirkconnell

Rachael Kirkconnell 

This is where Matt James’ love life took a turn when he fell in love with beauty queen Rachael Kirkconnell who was a contestant in the show ‘The Bachelor.’

I don’t know about you guys, but personally, I think Rachael Kirkconnell is absolutely gorgeous.  If I am not wrong!!

The two first met in September 2020, which was the first night the reality show ‘The Bachelor’ was being filmed. After which, James made a compliment about Kirkconnell saying,’ She’s beautiful, articulate, she’s sexy, and she’s being open and vulnerable.’

Throughout the show, Matt and Rachael connected well, which led them to confess that they are falling for one another after the one-on-one date. At one point Matt even said that he misses Rachael when she is not around, and thinking about her makes him smile.

A few weeks later, Matt went to Rachel’s hometown with her as he decided to meet her family. But as a result, she raised concerns for her father. The reason being he was worried that the couple was taking things too fast.

But Matt decided to notch things up a level higher when he sent the runner-up contestant home. Because right at that time, the bachelor admitted that he had fallen in love with Rachael and wanted to live his life with her by his side, eventually giving her the final rose and leaving the show together in February 2021.

A certain incident caused Matt to break up with Rachel, which involved her past actions linked to the racism that had been circulated all over social media, giving her a bad reputation in March 2001. Although she apologized for her behavior, the whole thing terribly affected Matt, leaving him devastated.

Within two months, by May 2021, the couple had managed to work out their differences and get back together as Matt decided to forgive her and give it another go. But this time, Rachael was dead serious about the relationship and gave Matt an ultimatum saying he needed to be serious and commit to her.

Finally, the couple had settled and enjoyed one another’s the company to the fullest, marking the first proper relationship in Matt James’ dating history. They were seen together on the Red carpet for the first time at the 2021 ESPY awards. After this, the two went on vacations a number of times and uploaded pictures of themselves together on their social media accounts.

All of a sudden, in June 2022, rumors sparked about Rachael being pregnant after James uploaded a video of him installing a baby car seat. To add fire to the fuel, Rachael also uploaded a video on her Instagram account where Matt was rubbing her belly, and they were both laughing.

Sadly the rumors turned out to be fake since both said they would take things one at a time. And there is plenty of time for kids and marriage.

The couple is still together, very much in love and having the best time of their lives.


After doing all the research, I personally think that James has kept his love life hidden from the rest of us and out of the limelight. I mean, I cannot get my head around how Matt James’ dating history can be so short. Then again, maybe he didn’t want to spend money on women at the time.

Honestly, I don’t know!!

Jokes apart, we are over the moon that Matt and Rachael are a tight-knit couple and are still happily in love.

Admit it or not, they look amazing together, as if they were made for each other.

For now, all we can do is wait and hope to hear wedding bells soon!!!

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