The release date for MasterChef Australia Season 15 Episode 19 is here. The 15th season of MasterChef Australia begins on May 7, and till now, 18 episodes have been released. In this article, you will get to know about the release date for the 19th episode and also the recap of the episode.

In this season, 18 different chefs who live in Australia came in this season of MasterChef Australia to become the ultimate Masterchef. This show has been considered the most extraordinary show with some extraordinary contestants. Some chefs have their specialty in baking something sweet, and multiple chefs are best in savory.

Every contestant has a specialty of their own. Different guest judges in every episode come in the show, like Maggie Beer, Jamie Oliver, Peter Gilmore, Curtis Stone, and Rick Stein. And many will also appear in the upcoming episodes.

This season consists of 23 episodes and will end on June 7. The one who wins this show will get 250,000$ as a winning prize and also the title of the ultimate Masterchef. So get ready to know the release date and also where you can watch this show.

Recap Of The Show

In the 14th episode, there was an immunity round, and the contestant who cooks the best dish having a mystery appliance in round one will get an advantage of choosing the flavor pairings, and also they will get a head start of 15 minutes against the chief guest chef Sergio Perera.

In the 15th episode of this season, we saw how the contestant is keeping their place by moving slowly, and they have to face eliminations that day was 2 Day elimination round, and they had to do a challenge in 45 minutes and cook a portion of food and do multiple things like pickle marinate brine and many things that to finish off the next day. 

Still From MasterChef Australia Season 15
MasterChef Australia Season 15 Episode 19 (Credit: Paramount Plus)

In the 16th episode, we saw how contestants attempt to impress the judges by transforming everyday morning cereals into timeless favorites. Who will bemoan a spilled glass of milk when tomorrow’s Pressure Test is waiting for the worst cereal offenders? 

In the 17th episode, we saw the chief chef Donato Toce who brought Viennetta ice cream and revealed them to the contestant. The contestant had to prepare the same ice cream, and they had to replicate that frozen dish in order to be in the game, and they had pressure for that. 

In the 18th episode, we saw at a suburban Chinese restaurant; two teams must work assiduously to prepare a spectacular banquet if they want to have a chance at immunity. Will our judges rate the fortune cookies on their platters as sweet or sour?

MasterChef Australia Season 15 Episode 19 Release Date

MasterChef Australia Season 15 Episode 19 will air on Thursday, June 01, 2023, at 7:30 pm AEST on Channel 10. The release time in different countries are:

  • US fans should tune in at 5:30 ET/430 CT.
  • For Canadian viewers: 7:00 am NT
  • For those in the UK, the time is 9:30 am GMT.
  • 3:00 pm IST for Indian viewers
  • 5:30 am PHT for viewers in the Philippines
  • For Japanese viewers: 6:30 pm JST
  • Korean Standard Time (KST): 6:30
MasterChef Australia Season 15 Episode 19
MasterChef Australia Season 15 Episode 19 (Credit: Paramount Plus)

The title for the episode is “Gabriel Gate – Immunity Challenge,” and we will see great fire frying pans! A field of favorites feeds the flames in a flipping flambe free-for-all as it becomes an Immunity Pin riot. Who will engage Gabriel Gate, a famous French gourmand, in a brutal duel to the death?

Where Can You Watch MasterChef Australia Season 15 Episode 19?

MasterChef Australia Season 15 Episode 19 will air on Channel 10. But you can only access this on Channel 10 if you live in Australia. If you live outside this region, you need to use a VPN, and you can watch the show on the mentioned Times. You can also watch this show on Paramount Plus. 

You also receive a 7-day trial period if you are a new member of Paramount Plus Australia. This concludes our discussion of the release date and preview for MasterChef Australia Season 15 Episode 19.

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