The mers of Mashle Magic And Muscles have announced the release date of Chapter 157 as they said next chapter will be out soon

Previous chapter of the series begins with Mash continues to demonstrate that even the most powerful magic can be defeated with only physical strength and determination.

Mash fortifies his body and improves his knowledge of the magical realm, which he was previously ignorant of, through his continued training with God. Meanwhile, Finn is beginning to see the value in Mash’s thinking and is gradually moving toward adopting it himself.

Mashle Magic And Muscles chapter 157 release date, time, manga Reddit spoilers, where to read online

However, as they continue their investigations into the mysteries surrounding the magical society, they also learn about their own backgrounds and the motivations behind the actions of others in their immediate surroundings.

Mash is fighting a formidable group of warriors who also have magical abilities at the start of this chapter. Mash is unable to use magic, so he must rely solely on his legendary strength to protect himself and defeat his opponents.

As the battle intensifies, Mash realizes that his opponents are not as defenseless as he had previously assumed, and that they have a few strategies to use against him. At the end of the chapter, it is clear that Mash is pushing himself to the physical and mental limits of his ability in order to triumph over his opponents and come out on top.

Chapter 157 Release Date

For those who are curious to know more about the release date of chapter 157 of Mashle Magic And Muscle, let us tell, next chapter of the manga series will be out on Sunday, May 28, 2023.

The international readers of the series will be able to read next chapter online as per following time-zone:

EEST: 3:30 AM

PDT: 9:00 AM

EDT: 12:00 PM

CDT: 11:00 AM

BST: 5:00 PM

JST: 9:30 PM

KST: 9:30 PM

EST: 8:00 AM

IST: 11:30 PM

AEST: 10:30 AM

Where to Read

If you’re wondering where to read next chapter of Mashle Magic And Muscle, let us remind you, Chapter 157 of the series will be available to read online on the reading platform Manga Plus and Viz Media.

Readers of the series can also purchase the Weekly Shōnen Jump Magazine to know what will happen in the upcoming chapter of the manga series.

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