Fan of supernatural dramas? Want to watch one, and then Manifest is the perfect match for you? Directed by Romeo Tirone and Michael Smith, the series has four seasons with 52 episodes, each with a run time between 42-50 minutes. Created by Jeff Rake, the series focuses on a number of passengers getting lost in a loop while on a travel tour from Jamaica to New York.

Manifest showcased the passenger’s struggle trying to make a comeback in their regular life after a traumatic experience as they try to work a way to deal with visions and voices called guiding, which represents the effects that are yet to occur. Produced by Cathy Frank and Laura Putney, Manifest was brought to the viewers by NBC for three seasons, while the streaming giant Netflix picked the series back up for the fourth season.

Tim Ives and Tim Norman did Manifest’s cinematography, while Compari Entertainment and Warner Bros undertook Manifest’s production. Manifest first premiered on September 24, 2019, for viewers’ access. Manifest is one of the best supernatural dramas for the viewers to give it a go. Manifest received mixed reviews from viewers that follow the perfect balance between supernatural drama and melodrama.

Poster Of Manifest [Credits- Netlfix]

Manifest is one of the few series that has managed to maintain its quality throughout different series. The manifest fourth season is divided into two parts, with the first one ending with ten episodes on November 4, 2022.

Manifest stars Melissa Roxburgh plays the role of Michela, a detective at NYPD, and Josh Dallas plays the role of Ben Stone, a mathematics professor. Athena Karkanis plays the role of Grace Stones, Ben’s wife and J.R. Ramirez plays the role of Jared, an NYPD detective. Luna Blaise plays the role of Olive Stone, Gracie’s daughter, and Parveen Kaur plays the role of Saanvi. Holly Taylor plays the role of Angelina Meyer, a flight passenger, and Daryl Edwards plays the role of Robert Vance, NASA’s director, in the lead cast.

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Manifest Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

The 10th Episode of Manifest, written by Jeff Rake & Margaret Easley, starts with Ben having a vision of Grace asking him to bring Eden to her grave. Eagan informs Michaela and Jared about Omega Sapphire being in Angelina’s possession as they are in the hospital.

Ben realizes everything was a ruse set by Angelina as he takes Eden away. The episode begins with Zeke and Michela spending time together as they cuddle together in bed. The amplification of Anglinas’ rage with the help of Sapphire has a direct effect on all the 828 passengers. Olive becomes concerned as she realizes Cal may not survive, and he hopes they go and find the Sapphire as that is the only thing that can help Cal survive. Ben and Michela discover Angelina has kept people hostage in her old school’s church, where the Sapphire has manifested lava with Olive’s help.

Cal fights Agelina with the help of his dragon scar, which helps him create the Calling of the plane. The Omega Sapphire shattered during the fight between Cal and Angelina. An emergency order is initiated by the government of the U.S. to detain the 828 passengers until they are further notified, while a team led by Dr. Gupta breaks into Vance’s lab, thus betraying the other passengers. Dr. Gupta’s betrayal stemmed from the fact that the passengers lost the Sapphire, thus shaking her belief in them to handle their Calling on their own.

Jared begins his role at the Registry after having a flirty banter with Drea, who works as the hospital’s head. In the hospital, Eagan tells the group that the person who knocked him out was the tiniest sociopath in the World, who turns out to be Angelina, as that was the nickname. Meanwhile, the audience witnesses a sleep-deprived Saanvi alongside Vance to try and find a way to save Cal’s life.

Still From Manifest [Credits- Netflix]

As the passengers realize Angelina is using the Saphire to make false callings, they start to panic, wondering about the overall impact it would have on the World. Meanwhile, Angelina has lost touch with reality as she has started to believe she’s an angel and is doing God’s work. The first part of the 4th season of Manifest ends with Angelina walking away with a shard of Sapphire embedded in her hands permanently.

Manifest Season 4 Episode 11- Release Date

Manifest Season 4, episode 11 is going to be available for the viewer’s access on June 2, 2023, to watch via Netflix at 12:00 A.M. [E.T.]. The 2nd part of Manifest is set to have ten episodes with the same time range per episode.

  • Pacific Standard Time- 9:00 A.M. [P.S.T.] on June 2, 2023, Friday
  • Indian Standard Time- 9:30 A.M. [I.S.T.] on June 2, 2023, Friday
  • Australian Standard Time- 2:00 P.M. [A.C.T.] on June 2, 2023, Friday
  • Greenwich Mean Time- 4:00 A.M. [G.M.T.] on June 2, 2023, Friday
  • Korean Standard Time- 1:00 P.M. [K.S.T.] on June 2, 2023, Friday

Manifest Season 4- Episode 11 – Streaming Guide

Manfest Season 4 Episode 1 will release for the viewers to stream via Netflix with a subscription worth $ 6.99. The Episodes of Manifest will release on the same day simultaneously, as is a pattern with Netflix’s series. Netflix series may be restricted to certain regions. Thus, some viewers might have to take VPN’s help to access the episodes.

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