10 Of The Manchester City Best Players

Manchester, a city in England, is known for its industrial heritage and hardworking people. The city is also home to two world-famous football teams, Manchester City and Manchester United. The city has made a name for itself in the sporting world, particularly for its football teams.

In this article, we will rank the best players to have ever played for Manchester City Football Club.

Top Ten Manchester City Best Players

Manchester City has played a significant role in discovering and developing some of the best sports players from various countries. We fans are curious about the best football players who have played for the club. So without further ado, let’s discuss the top 10 best players to ever play for Manchester City Club.

NameInternational Team
10. Carlos TevezArgentina
9. Aymeric LaporteSpain
8. Yaya TouréIvory Coast
7. Vincent KompanyBelgium
6. Kevin De BruyneBelgium
5. David SilvaSpain
4. Frank Victor SwiftEngland
3. William Henry MeredithWales National Football Team
2. Bert TrautmannBelgium
1. Sergio AgüeroArgentina

10. Carlos Tevez

Born: February 5, 1984

Career: Footballer

Years Active: 2009–2013 (Manchester City)

International Team: Argentina

Role: Forward

International Achievements / Honors:

  • South American U-20 Championship 2003
  • Summer Olympics 2004
  • CONMEBOL Pre-Olympic Tournament 2004

Carlos Alberto Tevez, aka Carlos Tevez, is a former professional football player of Argentina’s national football team. During his active years, he was known for being one of the most successful and influential South American players. His journey to Manchester City began in 2009 with a five-year agreement.

As a member of Manchester City, Carlos managed to do well within the time he had. He made 113 league appearances and 58 goals within five years which only a few have managed to accomplish. However, as his time with Manchester City ended due to various events and reasons, Carlos moved to Juventus and made 66 league appearances and 39 goals in just two years.

Carlos’s international career ended in 2015, but he continued his professional football career in different clubs till 2021. Later in 2022, Carlos started his managerial career as a manager of Rosario Central.

Carlos Tevez Won:

  • 2x Premier League
  • Football League Cup
  • F.A. Community Shield
  • UEFA Champions League
  • FIFA Club World Cup

9. Aymeric Laporte

Born: May 27, 1994

Career: Footballer

Years Active: 2018– Present (Manchester City)

International Team: Spain

Role: Center-Back

International Achievements / Honors:

  • UEFA Nations League Runner-Up 2020–21

Aymeric Jean Louis Gérard Alphonse Laporte, also known as Aymeric Laporte, is recognized as one of the best players to play as a defender in an outfield position for Manchester City. Before becoming a part of the club, he had already gained popularity from several other reputable clubs with his incredible feats.

Aymeric signed with Manchester City Football Club in January 2018, playing with the number 14 jersey. From his debut to till now, he has made 112 league appearances and scored 8 goals. Throughout his time with Manchester City, he achieved a global reputation. As of today, he is considered one of the best center-backs in the world.

Aymeric’s term with Manchester City is active till 2025. We will be seeing him more often in the club, wearing the number 14 jersey for the next 3 years.

Aymeric Laporte Won:

  • 4x Premier League
  • F.A. Cup 2018–19
  • 3x EFL Cup
  • F.A. Community Shield 2018
  • UEFA Champions League runner-up 2020–21

As an Individual, Aymeric Has Won 3 Major Awards / Titles:

  • 2013 UEFA European U19 Championship “Team of the Tournament”.
  • La Liga Team of the Year 2013–14.
  • P.F.A. Premier League “Team of the Year” (2018–19).

8. Yaya Touré

Born: May 13, 1983

Career: Footballer

Years Active: 2010–2018 (Manchester City)

International Team: Ivory Coast

Role: Midfielder

International Achievements / Honors:

  • 2x Africa Cup of Nations

Gnégnéri Yaya Touré, aka Yaya Touré, is a former Ivorian professional footballer best known for his strong performance as a central midfield player. During his professional career, Yaya was famous for several reasons (e.g., perfect goal-scoring ability and leadership skills). However, we all know him for his eighth-year-long thrilling journey with Manchester City.

Yaya’s road to Man City started On July 2, 2010, with a five years term contract. Since then, Yaya has made 230 league appearances and 59 goals, making him one of the top goal scorers from Manchester City Football Club. However, in 2018, Yaya left the team at the end of the 2017–18 season and re-signed for Super League Greek club Olympiacos.

But his tenure with Olympiakos ended at the end of the year, after which Yaya joined Qingdao Huanghai. With 14 league appearances and two goals for Qingdao Huanghai, Yaya’s career ended as he went straight to pursue his Managerial career.

  • Yaya Touré won
  • 3x Premier League
  • F.A. Cup 2010 –11
  • 2x Football League Cup
  • F.A. Community Shield

As an individual, Yaya Toure won eleven significant awards and titles, including Manchester City Player of the Year 2013-14.

7. Vincent Kompany

Born: April 10, 1986

Career: Footballer

Years Active: 2008–2019 (Manchester City)

International Team: Belgium

Role: Defender

International Achievements / Honors:

  • 4x Premier League
  • 2x F.A. Cup
  • 4x EFL Cup
  • F.A. Community Shield: 2012, 2018
  • Eighteen Several Honors and Third Place in the FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia

Vincent Jean Mpoy Kompany, aka Vincent Kompany, is best known for playing 11 seasons (Eight seasons as captain) for Manchester City. Without any doubt, one of Manchester City’s best players. In his career span for Man City, Vincent became one of the league’s greatest-ever center-backs.

However, Manchester is not the only club for which Vincent has played. Vincent gave 15 years to the Belgium National Football team, serving seven years as captain.

In his early beginnings, at 17, Vincent played for the Belgian professional football club R.S.C. Anderlecht. He stayed with the club for six active years, winning several awards and gaining notice. Later on June 9, 2006, Vincent joined Hamburger S.V. and stayed there from 2006 –2008, making 29 appearances and 1 goal.

However, his big chance appeared on August 22, 2008, when he received a four-year contract from Manchester City. His time with the team remained unforgettable as he made 265 appearances and 18 goals from 2008 –2019. However, on May 19, 2019, Vincent returned to Anderlecht and remained a player for 2020, making 15 appearances and 1 goal.

After his playing career concluded, Vincent changed the direction of his profession by beginning a managerial job at Anderlecht from 2020 to 2022. As of today, Vincent has officially joined Burnley as a manager.

Vincent Kompany Won:

  • UEFA Intertoto Cup (2007)
  • 2x F.A. Cup
  • 4x EFL Cup
  • 18 Major Honors and Awards, including Manchester City Player’s Player of the Year (2010 – 11)

6. Kevin De Bruyne

Born: June 28, 1991

Career: Footballer

Years Active: 2015 –Present (Manchester City)

International Team: Belgium

Role: Midfielder

International Achievements / Honors:

  • FIFA World Cup Third Place
  • F.A. Cup 138th Edition
  • 5x Football League Cup/EFL Cup
  • F.A. Community Shield – 2019
  • 29 Different Major Awards and Honors

Kevin De Bruyne is an active Belgian professional footballer who plays as a midfielder. His performance in the national and international teams earned him the value of becoming one of the great midfielders. We simply cannot ignore the points that have made him highly regarded as one of the best in the world.

Kevin De Bruyne’s career began at Genk, where he won the Belgian Pro League with 97 appearances and 16 goals. He joined Chelsea in 2012 but played only 3 games. He was loaned to Werder Bremen, where he made 33 appearances and scored 10 goals.

In 2014, he signed an £18 million deal with VfL Wolfsburg, where he made 52 league appearances with 13 goals and established himself as one of the best players in the Bundesliga.

Later in 2015, Kevin joined Manchester City and was instrumental in making the team the only Premier League team to score 100 points in a season. From 2010 till now, Kevin has made 97 appearances and 25 goals in his international career for Belgium.

Kevin De Bruyne Won:

  • Third Place in the 2018 FIFA World Cup
  • 4x Premier League Titles
  • 5x League Cups
  • F.A. Cup
  • DFL-Supercup
  • As an Individual, Kevin has won 29 Major titles and awards, including Ballon d’Or 3rd place

5. David Silva

Born: January 8, 1986

Career: Footballer

Years Active: 2010–2020 (Manchester City)

International Team: Spain

Role: Midfielder

International Achievements / Honors:

  • FIFA World Cup 2010
  • UEFA European Championship 2008

David Josué Jiménez Silva, aka “Merlin” / “El Mago”, is one of the best left-footed second strikers on our list. With his passing ability and possession-retaining qualities, he earned multiple nicknames and got recognition as one of Manchester City’s best players. His connection with Manchester City was established in 2010 when Valencia agreed with Man City to transfer Silva.

Since then, Silva went to play as a part of Man City for a decade till 2020. As a team member of Manchester City, Silva established himself as one of the best in the team as he made 309 appearances and 60 league goals (career highest appearance and league goals).

Later in 2019, following the departure of Vincent Kompany, Silva was promoted to captain and played the 2019–20 season. Unfortunately, it was the last season Silva was going to play for Manchester City.

On August 17, 2020, Manchester City chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak promised to make a statue of Silva out of respect for what he did for Man City. Later on August 28, 2021, Silva was honored with unveiling his statue alongside Vincent Kompany at the Etihad Stadium.

David Silva Won:

  • 4x Premier League
  • 2x F.A. Cup
  • 5x Football League/EFL Cup
  • 3x F.A. Community Shield
  • As an individual, David Silva Won 7 Significant Awards/ Titles, Including UEFA European Championship Team of the Tournament 2012

4. Frank Victor Swift

Born: December 26, 1913

Career: Footballer

Years Active: 1933–1949 (Manchester City)

International Team: England

Role: Goalkeeper

International Achievements:

  • Football League 100 Legends of 1998
  • English Football Hall of Fame 2005
  • Manchester City Hall of Fame
  • IFFHS England Men’s All-Time Dream Team
  • IFFHS Best Goalkeeper of the XXth Century

Frank Victor Swift, aka Frank Swift, is one of the best English Goalkeepers of his time. Starting his career at a local club, Frank earned his contract at Man City as a First Division Manchester City player in 1933. His senior career with Manchester City remained till 1949 during wartime.

Frank made 338 appearances during his career at the Man City club and 134 in The Wartime League during World War II. Frank had also joined the British Army during the Second World War. He was one of the few professional footballers to enroll at the Army School of Physical Training as part of an F.A. scheme.

In the first season after World War II, Manchester City won the Second Division championship, securing their return to the top flight. Frank held the record for most clean sheets in a season, with 17 in 35 appearances, a record that stood for 40 years until broken by Alex Williams in 1985 with 20 clean sheets.

After the 1948-49 season, he took up journalism, despite being fit to play another season. Unfortunately, Frank passed away in Munich, West Germany, on February 6, 1958, at the age of 44.

Frank Swift Won:

  • F.A. Cup in 1933-34
  • Football League First Division (45th season)
  • F.A. Community Shield in 1937
  • British Home Championship in 1946-47 and 1947-48 Seasons
  • As an Individual, He Received Five Notable Honors

3. William Henry Meredith

Born: July 30, 1874

Career: Footballer

Years Active: 1894–1906 (Manchester City)

International Team: Wales National Football Team

Position: Outside Forward

International Achievements:

  • Inducted into Football League 100 Legends in 1998
  • Inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2007

William Henry Meredith, also known as Billy Meredith, was a professional football player best known for playing outside right or inside forward. Displaying outstanding skills and ability, he earned recognition as one of the early soccer superstars due to his play for the top two football teams in Manchester.

Henry started his international career as a player for the Wales national football team in 1895, earning 12 caps in one decade. Moreover, his international career with Wales Extended over two decades, as he was a part of the team for 25 years.

Although Henry was known for his unparalleled football skills as an outside forward, he was not as widely recognized for his contributions to the sport.

Henry’s senior career ended four years after his international career ended. Unfortunately, he passed away on April 19, 1958, at the age of 83, in Chirk, Denbighshire, Wales.

Billy Meredith won:

  • The Welsh Cup in 1894 While He Was With Chirk
  • The Second Division in the Eleventh Season of the Football League
  • The British Home Championship (1907 and 1920) in His National Career
  • As an individual, Henry Received Two Significant Honors and Also Won Many Cups While at Manchester City and Manchester United

2. Bert Trautmann

Born: June 28, 1991

Career: Footballer

Years Active: 1949–1964 (Manchester City)

International Team: Belgium

Role: Midfielder

International Achievements / Honors:

Bernhard Carl “Bert” Trautmann, aka Bert Trautmann, was one of the best German professional goalkeepers of all time. However, he did not only have a successful football career but also joined the Luftwaffe in the Second World War before serving his country as a paratrooper. His military career lasted four years until 1944, receiving five medals and the rank of Feldwebel.

In October 1949, Manchester City approached Trautmann; this decision sparked controversy and protest since Trautmann was once associated with the Nazis. However, he managed to gain acceptance by local fans with his outstanding performances in the 1950s. Later in 1956, Trautmann played in the 1956 F.A. Cup Final. Soon after, it was confirmed that he played the final with a broken neck, becoming one of few to exhibit True acts of bravery.

Despite his background being linked to Germany, Trautmann was able to start his new life as a U.K. citizen. His playing career ended in 1964 after making two appearances for Wellington Town; after this, Trautmann established his Managerial career by associating with several Football teams, including the Pakistan National football team.

At 89, while she was in a nursing home in La Losa, near Valencia, Spain, Trautmann died of natural causes, leaving behind his great moments and the respect he received for his memorable performances.

Bert Trautmann Won:

  • First Division Title With Manchester City (1955 –56 season)
  • Football Writers Association Footballer of the Year Award–1956
  • English Football Hall of Fame in 2005
  • O.B.E. 2004
  • Order of Merit of North Rhine–Westphalia in 2011

1. Sergio Agüero

Born: June 2, 1988

Career: Footballer

Years Active: 2011–2021 (Manchester City)

International Team: Argentina

Role: Striker

International Achievements / Honors:

  • Copa América 2021
  • FIFA World Cup Runner-Up 2014

Sergio Leonel Agüero del Castillo, aka Sergio Agüero/ Kun Agüero, is best known for playing as a striker for Argentina from 2006 to 2021. With his outstanding striking ability, Sergio is regarded as one of the greatest players in Premier League history. In his 15 years international career as a professional footballer for the Argentina team, Sergio has always been one of the best in the line.

Sergio became a part of Manchester City in July 2011 with a five years long contract. However, he debuted in August 2011 due to team manager Roberto Mancini’s thinking, believing Sergio was ineligible for the Dublin Super Cup and the 2011 F.A. Community Shield. But his debut was glorious as he scored a goal inside nine minutes to secure a 4-0 Premier League win over Swansea City.

Despite how well he can play and perform on big occasions, Sergio had to limit himself due to his several injuries. His unhealthy condition, due to his injuries, made him officially retire from professional football on December 15, 2021.

Sergio Agüero Won:

  • 5x Premier League
  • F.A. Cup 2018–19
  • 6x Football League/EFL Cup
  • 3x F.A. Community Shield
  • 2nd place in UEFA Champions League 2020-2021

As an individual, Sergio Agüero received 15 significant awards and titles, including two times as Manchester City Player of the Year.

Bonus Rank: Colin Bell

Born: February 26, 1946.

Career: Footballer.

Years Active: 1966–1979 (Manchester City).

International Team: England.

Role: Midfielder.

International Achievements / Honors:

  • 6x British Home Championship
  • UEFA European Championship third place 1968

Playing as a midfielder, Colin Bell is widely known for his thirteen-year run with Manchester City, scoring goals from the midfield and taking the lead when it’s necessary. With his outstanding skills and successful playing career, Bell earned the nickname “The King of the Kippax”.  Bale became popular among football fans as he was regarded as one of the best footballers to ever play for the club.

Colin Bell, who is still viewed as one of the best players to play for Manchester City Football Club, passed away on January 5, 2021, at the age of 74. During his tenure with Manchester City, he made 394 appearances and scored 117 league goals, something only a few players have reached.

Colin Bell Won:

  • Football League First Division: 1967–68
  • Football League Second Division: 1965–66
  • FA Cup: 1968–69
  • FA Charity Shield: 1968, 1972
  • Football League Cup: 1969–70, 1975–76
  • UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup: 1969–70


Finally, we have come to a conclusion about Manchester City’s best players. We’re wrapping up this article related to the top ten greatest Manchester City players of all time. However, we are all aware that this ranking could become a part of the controversy and create arguments among football fans.

You can help us by sharing the name of your favorite player who played for Manchester City.

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