Mackenzie Mcdonald's dating history: Is he Married to his Girlfriend, Maria Mateas?

Mackenzie Mcdonald is now dating Maria Matea, which is the most specific answer to today’s topic. They are now in a given-away relationship even though they have not tied the knot by taking a vow. On July 18, 2022, they published their first photo on Instagram.

So I hope you understand the topic of today’s discussion by looking at the bold-marked title. Mackenzie Mcdonald’s dating history remains a mystery now. Ok, I am keeping all the accessory things to myself. Let me get straight to go inside today’s topic of interest.

A Short Biography of Mackenzie Mcdonalds

McDonald was born in Piedmont, California, United States of America, on April 16, 1995. He is a renowned American professional tennis player and won a different kind of fame, like the 2016 NCAA Division I Tennis Championship in both singles and doubles. In 2014, Mackenzie McDonald made the lift to the professional tennis ground. His mostly played matches occurred on the ITF Futures and ATP Challenger Tours.

Let’s dig into Mackenzie Mcdonald’s dating history and see what he has been up to with the lady tennis players in the past and currently. Only two ladies are involved in his love life; interestingly, both are tennis players. As only two laddies are highlighted here, so the length of the dating history is also short enough.

Mackenzie Mcdonalds Dating Overview

NamesDating period
Chanelle Van NguyenFrom 2011 to Unknown
Maria MateasFrom 2022 to Running

Mackenzie Mcdonald’s Dating History:

1. Dating Maria Mateas

Maria Mateas, Mackenzie Mcdonald’s girlfriend, is a tennis player. Mackenzie and Maria made their relationship revealed the bean of their relationship status to the public on Instagram on July 18 of that year, 2022.

At this discussion stage, I want to highlight the brief biography of Maria Mateas before diving into Mackenzie Mcdonald’s dating history. She was born in Oradea, Romania, on July 21, 1999, although now she calls Orlando, Florida, home. She is an ITF-level professional tennis player. At born, she is  Romanian but lives in America at age 23.

She has been dating Mackenzie Mcdonalds for under a year. The happy couple celebrated Christmas 2022 with each other in attractive North California. Maria defeated Belgian athlete Marie Benoit in the ITF USA 02A Women’s Singles on January 11.

2. Dating Chanelle Van Nguyen

Before he started dating Maria, Mackenzie dated Chanelle Van Nguyen. she is also a professional tennis player, which is fascinating to us.

Chanelle Van Nguyen has Vietnamese and Filipina descent, but she has been living in the United States of America for years. There is gossip that the couple began dating in 2011. However, they are no longer together.

Final Words

Although Maria is not Mackenzie McDonald’s better half, we expect to hear about their married news soon. I hope you got some idea after a bird’s eye view of Mackenzie Mcdonald’s dating history. You can help us to make more articles by sharing your thoughts. Feel free to ask questions, and we promise to respond thoroughly.

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