Is Luke Burland dead or alive? Before we answer this important question, Burland is one of the music publicists with over 30 years of experience in this field. She also created a company dubbed 2b Entertainment with others to help achieve this dream. Over the years, Luke Burland has worked with top companies, artists and brands. Examples include Warner Bros and BB Gun Press.

Luke Burland Death Hoax: Is She Dead Or Alive?

There are rumours circulating online about the painful dismissal of Luke Burland. However, from verified sources, the music publicist is very fine and alive. Burland’s team and close friends have come out to debunk these rumours.

It is therefore very important to verify information about people, especially with the “death tag” as it brings nothing but pain.

Luke Burland Health Update

Luke Burland Death Hoax: Is She Dead Or Alive?

With the spark in death rumours, it is also crucial we access the health of the music publicist. The latest information indicates that Burland is very healthy. In a picture posted on her Instagram page 2 weeks ago, she looked very fine.


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