The release date of episode 5 and 6 of Love Village is now out

We follow a number of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes as they travel to the mountains in search of Mr. or Ms. Right.

To be with someone in such a tranquil and picturesque place, far from the hustle and bustle of the city and its dazzling lights, must feel great. The series has an overarching message of truthfulness.

Love Village Netflix episode 5 and 6 release date, time, preview, where to watch ep eng sub online

The fifth and sixth episodes of Love Village will premiere on May 9, 2023. At midnight tonight, both episodes will be removed from Netflix’s streaming library. The weekly release schedule for new episodes on the service is every Tuesday. Instead of releasing entire seasons at once, Netflix is instead streaming individual episodes.

  • Europe – 4 AM Greenwich Mean Time (9 May 2023)
  • USA – 12 AM Eastern Standard Time (9 May 2023)
  • Canada – 12 AM Eastern Standard Time (9 May 2023)
  • India – 9.30 AM Indian Standard Time (9 May 2023)
  • Australia – 3 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (9 May 2023)

Recap of the Previous Episodes of Love Village

Hollywood has come forth with a list of requirements for a potential companion, as seen in the second episode. While ming these demands, he seems to lose his temper and possibly overstep his bounds. Hollywood added that he knows someone who fits the bill in his head.

The third episode of the season revealed that Yukiemon has run into difficulty in Hollywood. Their connection is clearly struggling at the moment. However, Totchan is ming an effort to spend time with Tabo and form a connection with him. At the episode’s close, we saw Hollywood, who had been delaying a decision for some time, finally settle on a course of action.

The fourth episode of the current season showed Yukiemon contemplating her future and the kind of life she hopes to lead. When it comes to Anchovy, her level of self-assurance might be off-putting. At the episode’s conclusion, everyone was united and in shock. They were completely oblivious to what was coming and how it would change things in later episodes.

Where To Watch Episodes 5 and 6 of Love Village

Netflix will soon host episodes five and six of Love Village for online viewing.


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