Love Me Gently, Bossy CEO Chapter 354 will have Jin Chen and Yan Sese tie the knot and finally be together. But don’t worry, the story is not over just yet, as there are still some unresolved storylines that need care. And given how long the Manhua can go compared to their contemporaries, it will be no surprise if this event is a new beginning.

As for the past, the two had a long journey to becoming who they are now. The two were not meant to be for each other, and their love was a powerplay that was like a tug of war. There was a constant back and forth about their intentions and feelings for each other.

Their journey had been nothing short of an easy stride, and they had to deal with one major issue after another. However, they were able to grow as people and fond of each other in the process. This led them to put aside all the bad that had happened in the past between them and tie the knot together for good with their friends and family around.

Love Me Gently, Bossy CEO Chapter 354
My Cute Baby Is A Wingman (Credit: AC.QQ.)

Love Me Gently, Bossy CEO Chapter 353 Recap

Love Me Gently, Bossy CEO Chapter 353 started with Jin Chen teasing Yan Sese as they had more time for each other. Jin Chen was not gonna let go of the opportunity as he had been wanting to be with her alone for some time. Yan Sese insisted that they must not as they have an important event tomorrow, but he didn’t listen.

The next day the photographer makes sure that he gets the photo of the couple in every possible pose. He was happier than them in the photo shoot, but maybe it was because of the job that he had to pretend that way. However, Yan Sese was not happy that she had to pose that would give her back pain.

Luckily for her, the session didn’t last long, and we saw their child come for the shoot, although he was a bit shy. He had a bit of makeup on him, and he didn’t like to be in front of the camera with it. But the boy’s mother assured him that everyone does that when they are young.

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Love Me Gently, Bossy CEO Chapter 354 Spoilers

Love Me Gently, Bossy CEO Chapter 354 will see the official wedding taking place, and everyone is around for the occasion. We have seen most of the cast make an appearance in the last chapter as they were being given responsibilities by Jin’s mother. Jin’s mother was being her usual self, but she asserted that if anyone had a problem with her leadership, they should come forth.

This remark was directed at the couple that was going to marry very soon. But Jin’s mother assured her that the reason she was acting this way was because they had an image to uphold. The last time they had gone through this, the people didn’t take the event seriously. So with this wedding, she wanted to ensure that everything was in order and that the couple’s news would make it around the place.

My Cute Baby Is A Wingman Chapter 162
My Cute Baby Is A Wingman (Credit: AC.QQ.)

What is the release date for Love Me Gently, Bossy CEO Chapter 354?

Love Me Gently, Bossy CEO Chapter 354, will come out on June 3, 2023, for the following regions.

  • Pacific Daylight Time [West Coast]: 7:00 AM PDT (June 3, 2023)
  • Central Daylight Time [Central American and Canada]: 9:00 AM CDT (June 3, 2023)
  • Eastern Daylight Time [East Coast]: 10:00 AM EDT (June 3, 2023)
  • Greenwich Meditarian Time [Britain]: 5:00 PM BST (June 3, 2023)
  • Indian Standard Time [India]: 8.30 PM IST (June 3, 2023)
  • Singapore Standard Time [Singapore]: 11:00 PM SGT (June 3, 2023)
  • Philippines Standard Time [Philippines]: 11:00 PM PST (June 3, 2023)

It will be available to read on June 4, 2023, for these regions.

  • Korean Standard Time [Korea]: Midnight KST (June 4, 2023)
  • Japanese Standard Time [Korea]: Midnight JST (June 4, 2023)
  • Australia Eastern Daylight Time [Australia]: 02:00 AM AEDT (June 4, 2023)
My Cute Baby Is A Wingman Chapter 162
My Cute Baby Is A Wingman (Credit: AC.QQ.)

Where to read Love Me Gently, Bossy CEO Chapter 354?

Love Me Gently, Bossy CEO Chapter 354 will be available to read on AC.QQ. For a series similar to this, read Of All Things; I Became a Crow or A Fairy Tale for Villains.


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