Lisa Marie Presley grew up with a staff

Lisa Marie Presley lived a privileged life as the daughter of the late “King of Rock and Roll,” Elvis Presley. She was treated like royalty by the star, and she lived in luxury at Graceland, Elvis’s home, which is now a tourist attraction. She could ride ponies and have her every wish met by staff.

She and her friends also had private access to a theme park. The king would do anything for his daughter. When she said she wanted to see snow, he even flew her there in a private jet for 20 minutes before turning around and going back.

Some people say that Elvis would do anything for his daughter, like buy an airplane, even though he was afraid of flying. He bought the plane in 1975 for $250,000, which is about $1.3 million today. He called the Convair 880 “The Lisa Marie”.

Lisa Marie had lived in sunny Memphis, Tennessee her whole life until she was seven years old. She had only ever known hot weather and hot sun. She told her dad that she wanted to see snow. Elvis knew that she had never seen snow before, so he came up with a plan.

The Presleys then flew to Denver, Colorado, where they played in the snow until they got cold and went back to Graceland. Two years later, Elvis rented a theme park for Lisa Marie so she could ride the same rides as other kids.

He rented Libertyland in Memphis, which had about 24 rides, such as bumper boats, a carousel, and a roller coaster. From 1 a.m. until sunrise, the Presleys and a few of Lisa Marie’s friends went to the park, which was empty, and rode fourteen rides – all together.

Unfortunately, this was one of the last things Elvis and Lisa Marie did together. Eight days later, the king died; now Lisa Marie had also died. Her mother, Priscilla Presley (77), said she had died. “It is so difficult to tell you that my beautiful daughter Lisa Marie has died,” Priscilla said. “She was the most strong, loving, passionate woman I’ve ever met. We’d like to be left alone while we try to deal with this terrible loss. We appreciate your love and prayers.”

People are saying nice things about Elvis and Priscilla’s only child, Lisa-Marie. John Travolta posted a picture of her on Instagram and wrote, “Lisa baby girl, I’m so sorry.” Marlee Matlin tweeted, ” I came to know about Cilla Presley when I was on Dancing With the Stars. As a mother, I can’t imagine how sad she must be about Lisa Marie’s death at such a young age.”

Diane Warren said the “terrible news” was a source of great sadness for her. The world sent love and prayers to Priscilla and Lisa Marie’s children. Late Beach Boys co-founder Brian Wilson observed, “It’s hard to believe when someone so youthful and full of life goes away.”

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, who are both in the upcoming Elvis biography, paid tribute to Lisa together and reflected on their time spent together promoting the film.

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