EA Sports Predict: Lionel Messi Will Win the FIFA World Cup 

EA Sports has predicted something great about Lionel Messi. The prediction is that Lionel Messi will lift the World Cup trophy in 2022. And it is a piece of good news for Argentina’s fans.

It is the first time Argentina won the 2022 FIFA World Cup simulation on Tuesday.

Based on EA Sports’ simulation of FIFA 23, Argentina and Brazil will be facing off in the final. It’s sure to be an intense match, and we can’t wait to see who comes out on top.

And Messi is looking to lead his side to victory and reverse the scoreline of the 2014 finals. It’s sure to be a close match, so tune in and see who comes out on top.

So, according to the simulation, Argentina defeats Brazil in the final. And it is to claim the title of FIFA World Cup champions. This is thanks to the efforts of superstar Lionel Messi, who leads his team to victory. It is a close match, but Argentina ultimately comes out on top.

Moreover, the simulation predicts that Argentina will beat Denmark in the Round of 16. Then it will beat the Netherlands in the quarter-finals and France in the semi-finals. This would set up a final match against their CONMEBOL rivals on December 18.

The simulation is indeed based on a video game. But EA Sports has a good track record for predicting the World Cup winner.

They predicted Spain in 2010, Germany in 2014, and France in 2018. Based on their track record, it’s not surprising they are predicting Argentina to win in 2022.

Yet, Messi is still Argentina’s best hope for winning the World Cup. Sorrowfully, the FIFA World Cup 2022 is going to be his last one.

Messi will be the top scorer in the World Cup

In the simulation, Lionel Messi led the team to victory in seven matches, scoring eight impressive goals. This earned him awards like Golden Boot, and Golden Ball.

With Messi on the team, Argentina has a real chance of winning.

According to EA Sports, the FIFA 23 game and player ratings predict that Lionel Messi and his team will take home the glory at the FIFA World Cup. They also say that Messi will be named the top goal scorer (Golden Boot) and the best player (Golden Ball).

Yet, the prediction of winning the FIFA World Cup 2022 would be a huge achievement for the Argentine star. He has come close but has never been able to win the biggest prize in soccer. But with the World Cup 2022 around the corner, it will be interesting to see if EA Sports’ prediction comes true.

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