Lil Wayne's Dating History: Love life, Girlfriend, Affair, Marriage, Divorce

Are you ready for some full-on entertainment? In that case, brace yourselves as you are about to catch up on what Lil Wayne, the rapper, has been up to with the ladies over the years.

Lil Wayne’s dating history includes a long list of women, with him being married once and having a string of girlfriends. So far, we know that the rapper has four children with four different women.

Quite the player, if I may add!

Let’s dive in and take a quick peek at the names of the women Wayne has dated before we go into further detail.

Lil Wayne’s Dating History Overview

NameYears Together
Toya Johnson1996-2006
Lauren London2006-2009
Singer Nivea2002-2010
Sarah Bellew Vivian2005-2009
Keri Hilson2008-2009
Teairra Marí2008-2011
Farrah Franklin2009-2008
Tammy Torres2009-2011
Skylar Diggins2011
Dhea Sodano2011-2019
Dana Lee2012
Christina Milian2014-2015
La’Tecia Thomas2019-2020
Denise Bidot2020-2022

1. Toya Johnson

The high school sweethearts Toya Johnson and Lil Wayne started dating in 1996, after which the couple welcomed their first child in 1998 when Wayne was 16 and Toya 15.

In 2004 the couple decided to tie the knot, but sadly it only lasted for two years, after which they divorced in 2006. Toya Johnson said they mainly split up because she had had enough of Wayne’s celebrity life as he was working with Cash Money Records, where he did whatever he wanted to, and some of the things were well off boundaries.


2. Lauren London

Lil Wayne’s dating history involves the rapper dating several celebrities, including the actress Lauren London. The duo were childhood friends and started dating in 2006 but decided to keep their relationship low-key.

However, in 2009 when Lauren London was pregnant, everything about her and Wayne came out in the open as people were curious about the baby’s father. Although the couple was initially not too overwhelmed by the news of Lauren’s baby, they both accepted it and decided to raise the child together. In September 2009, they welcomed their baby son and named him Kameron Carten.

But in the same year, the duo split up, going their separate ways and discontinuing their on-and-off relationship. Apparently, they both tried hard to make it work, but in the end, it just didn’t happen; the actress also mentioned in an interview that they were also engaged for a while.

Whatever happened between the two, Lauren kept all her differences aside to this day and still does not hesitate to say that the father of her child Wayne is a lovable and fun person who will always be a good friend to her.

3. Nivea B Hamilton

Nivea started dating Lil Wayne in 2022; he was so head over heels in love with the singer that he got down on one knee and proposed to her in December of the same year. The engagement lasted only two years, as Wayne called it off in 2004.

After this, Nivea started dating the American singer The Dream in December 2004; they tied the knot and welcomed their first daughter in 2005, followed by twin boys in 2006. But Nivea was unlucky in love again and filed for a divorce in 2007.

Although she and Wayne broke up in 2004, she still had a soft corner for him and gave their relationship another go in 2007. Two years later, in November 2009, they welcomed a baby boy named Neal Carter, but sadly the couple could not make it work the second time and hence announced their breakup officially in 2010.

4. Trina

One of Wayne’s most talked about relationships is with the rapper Trina. The two were together on and off from 2005-2012 but eventually called it quits, as Trina admitted they were both very young at that time. The relationship ended mutually, and till now, they are still on good terms.

5. Sarah Bellew Vivian

The media personality from Atlanta, Sarah Bellew Vivian, dated Lil Wayne from 2005 to 2009 and welcomed their son Dwayne Carter III in October 2008.

But Vivian broke it off as she thought she was too young to cope with everything, marking it as the 5th breakup in Lil Wayne’s dating history. Whatever the case, Wayne and Bellew are still good friends, and they co-parent their son.

6. Keri Hilson

Wayne and singer Keri Hilson fell for each other in 2008 while recording the song ‘Turnin me on,’ as the rapper made a special appearance in her video. But Kira’s family was totally against the relationship due to his records regarding dating women. However, Hilson was obsessed with Wayne and also wanted to marry him until she found out that Lauren and Nivea were both pregnant while they were dating.

Leaving Hilson shattered, forcing her to break up with Wayne in 2009.

7. Teairra Marí

The American TV personality Teairra dated Lil Wayne from 2008 to 2011. Although this relationship was kept quiet when she was asked for details about her experience with Wayne, she said that the rapper is clean, with relation to drug issues.

8. Farrah Franklin

By looking at Lil Wayne’s dating history, it’s pretty evident that the rapper is a womanizer; he even managed to date Farrah Franklin, who is a former singer of the band Destiny’s Child.

The two dated from 2007-2008, but the relationship was full of hurdles as their lifestyles differed. In an interview in 2015, Franklin admitted that she was not prepared for Wayne’s rock-star way of living. On top of that, she caught Wayne cheating too.

9. Tammy Torres

This relationship was somewhat complicated or, as one would say, a love triangle between Wayne, Torres, and Drake.

From 2009-2011 Lil Wayne was linked with Tammy Torres, but at the same time, Torres was seeing Drake. The affair occurred when Wayne was locked up in jail in 2010 for a previous offense he committed, giving the green signal to Torres and Drake to fool around. To make matters worse, Drake often visited Wayne in prison and revealed what was going on behind his back.

Torres being unfaithful to Wayne led to their breakup eventually.

10. Skylar Diggins

As per rumors, Lil Wayne had a short fling with the professional basketball player Skyler Diggins in 2011. The two were seen together many times, even at the WNBA finals in the same year. But none of them clarified anything about dating.

11. Dhea Sodano

The seven-year-long secret relationship between Wayne and Sodana started in 2011 when he was dating Millian simultaneously. Since nothing can be hidden from the media, rumors about Lil Wayne being in a relationship with Dheo Sasane started to spread in 2012, but none of them admitted to having a secret affair.

According to sources, Sodano probably wanted everyone to know about her and Wayne. In 2018, she made an anniversary post on social media claiming that the two have been together for seven years.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, the two ended things in 2019.

12. Dana Lee

The Instagram model Dana Lee is also part of Lil Wayne’s dating history, as the two were rumored to be seeing each other in 2012. They were both reticent about their relationship. Unfortunately, we still don’t know whether it was something serious or just a rumor about the two, as none of them clarified precisely what happened.

13. Christina Milian

Lil Wayne was after Milian, the singer /actress, for 15 years until they finally started dating in 2015. The relationship ended the same year mainly because of Lil Wayne’s constant infidelity, which came to light again.

Millian still admits that she has never loved anyone as much as she loves Wayne. However, the actress has also said that she prefers to stay friends with Wayne rather than something more.

14. La’Tecia Thomas

Wayne and Thomas met on social media in 2019 when the rapper supposedly sent a text to the Australian plus model, after which they started dating the following year. The couple sparked rumors about being engaged as Thomas showed off her ring on Instagram, although she never spoke about who she is engaged to.

In 2020 there were speculations regarding the couple splitting up as Thomas was seen without her engagement ring.

15. Denise Bidot

It seemed like Lil Wayne had finally found the love of his life when he fell for Denise Bidot, the plus-size model. The couple met in 2020 and started dating. Where they were so in love with each other that Wayne said that he had never been so happy. At one point, everyone thought that the couple would walk down the aisle.

But in January 2022, Bidot announced their breakup without stating the reason for the split.

End Note

Lil Wayne’s dating history is quite the rollercoaster ride, I must say! There were so many things happening at once I wondered how the rapper managed to keep track of his relationships. At one point, he saw three women simultaneously, but eventually, he got caught, which is very obvious.

Nonetheless, Lil Wayne has been blessed with four beautiful children, which he takes care of, and he is also on good terms with their mothers even though they live separately.

Let’s end it here by saying that Lil Wayne dated 15 women, got married once, and was engaged a few times,s but sadly, he still hasn’t found the perfect match for him.

Do keep your eyes open to find out what is in store for Lil Wayne’s love life in the days to come.

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