Latest Update on Sydney Hightower: Why isn't She Feeling Secure?

After the Eagles lost, Sydney Hightower talked about what happened to her and what Eagles fans did to her.

Sydney Warner, who is married to 49ers outside linebacker Fred Warner, has no current plans to go to another match at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field. The Warners got married in May 2021, 13 months after they got engaged.

She was a contestant on season 24 of “The Bachelor” as Sydney Hightower before she married Warner in June 2022.

Sydney, who has 45,800 followers on TikTok, talked about the taunts she and others heard from fans during the game.

As she ended that part of her “GRWM, let’s CATCH UP” TikTok, she said that she was talking about devotion, but not anymore.

What Actually Happened To Her?

After the Eagles lost, Sydney Hightower told what had happened to her and how Eagles fans had treated her. In a TikTok, Hightower talked about how scary the NFC Championship was for her.

She just didn’t feel safe where she was. Sydney said she couldn’t control all the situation, even if people were calling her a coward. At one point, she heard someone say that they wished their plane would crash.

She said she had to hide her red purse under her jacket even though her husband told her she couldn’t wear red to the match.

She said the plan worked until an intoxicated Eagles fan had seen it near a concession stand and faced her. Another Philadelphia fan then came forward to stop the fight.

She says in a video on TikTok that she didn’t feel safe at the Eagles Game. In a video that she put on TikTok, Sydney Warner talked about why she didn’t feel safe at the Eagles Game and she also said that after the NFC Championship, she would never go back to Lincoln Financial Field.

Warner says that their whole situation is scary, so she tries her best not to let it get to her. She was just like, go where she wants to go, walk and let the public throw stuff at her and say whatever they want.

Sydney says that the situation was still tense after the game. She said she wanted to leave early because Eagles fans started the protests, but as she was leaving through a tunnel, fans began shouting at her and other people to go home.

What Happened During The Game?

In the NFC Championship game, the Eagles beat the 49ers 31–7. Brock Purdy had to leave the game because he was hurt, but he had to come back because Josh Johnson, the fourth-string quarterback, suffered a head injury and couldn’t throw the ball downfield. NFL Network said Monday that Purdy completely tore his ulnar collateral ligament and will need six months to heal.

Warner had a total of 23 tackles and one detection in the postseason of 2022. He had two defensive plays that led to a loss of yards and a pick. During the regular season, he was named to the AP’s First Team All-Pro for the second time in his career.

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