Late Last Year, Following the Devastation Caused by Flooding, George Clooney Reportedly Gave $21,000 to a French Community

George Clooney has been an iconic celebrity since the mid-90s. His career began with a series of minor television roles before hitting it big as Dr. Doug Ross on the hit show ER. He moved into film stardom from there, taking leading parts in blockbusters like Ocean’s Eleven and Gravity.

He has proven to be an actor with tremendous range, taking on comedic and dramatic roles equally quickly. However, his career isn’t only remarkable; he has also been involved in various humanitarian causes, including Darfur, South Sudan, and Haiti relief efforts.

He is known for his philanthropic spirit and generous donations to charities. George Clooney continues to entertain audiences worldwide with his acting talent and inspiring humanitarian efforts.

Last year, George Clooney showed his generous side by donating a whopping $21k to help rebuild a French village that had been deeply affected by floods. He is committed to helping those in need and has been a prominent supporter of international relief efforts for years. His generous donation will provide much-needed assistance to those affected by this tragedy.

When it was most needed, Giuliano, the mayor of Le Val, also stepped forward to help the flood-ravaged Provence region with a generous donation. But he wanted to keep things low-key and allow those affected by the disaster some privacy – so he held back on announcing his significant contribution until repairs had been made.

Now that work is nearly complete, Giuliano believes it’s essential for people to know who championed them in their time of need – which he modestly says isn’t him alone! Last October saw intense storms bring heavy rainfall across Marseille (7 inches!), but thanks partly due to this kind donor’s effort, many have found comfort during an unsettling time.

The illustrious Clooney Foundation for Justice held its first Albie Awards in September, with several high-profile celebrities joining the celebration of this incredible achievement. From Meryl Streep to John Oliver and Dua Lipa to Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa – it was a star-studded affair!

Clooney and his wife, Amal Clooney, are an unstoppable team! Together they work toward justice for people who risk their safety doing what’s right. George proudly shared that the two collaborate on everything – even twins – to honor Justice Albie Sachs at a special event The New York Public Library held. Amal uses her immense power and strength to help those in need far beyond our borders- freeing journalists from Egypt, Azerbaijan, Myanmar; the list goes on!

George and his wife are a powerful couple on the front of justice, with George’s father being an esteemed journalist. Even more impressive? His mother is also a journalist! It is no surprise then that he’d be so proud to see his wife freeing those wrongfully accused while doing her job – what could make him prouder?

As for parenting advice George plans to impart to their 5-year-old twins Alexander and Ella: it boils down to challenging those in positions of power and defending those without any. Now there are some wise words right there!

Let us all be inspired by George’s remarkable generosity and do our part in helping others around us, no matter how small or big the action may be.

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