Kylie Jenner’s Net Worth vs Cristiano Ronaldo’s Net Worth: Who is Richer?

This article covers two most famous names in the world who are from different backgrounds and professions. Yes, we will learn how much Kylie Jenner and Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth is and how they live lavish lives.

Kylie Jenner is the youngest self-made billionaire ever to have a net worth of $1.5 billion, whereas Cristiano Ronaldo is valued at $750 million Net Worth as per the sources 2022.

But who are they? What is their profession? Are you all excited to know? Ah! Well, I am super excited.

Kylie Kristen Jenner, an American media personality, socialite, and businesswoman, was born on August 10, 1997, and is the founder and owner of the cosmetics firm Kylie Cosmetics. She was an actor in the E! from 2007 to 2021, the reality television program Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She is liked by the third-most people on Instagram.

On February 5, 1985, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro was born in Madeira, Portugal. He plays as a forward for the Portugal national team and the Italian club Juventus. He is recognized as one of the top players of this generation and is most often known as Cristiano Ronaldo or CR7. This Portuguese international is perhaps the best player to ever play football, having scored 698 goals in 933 club matches.

They earn millions of dollars! There is no doubt. Still, we all want to know about their earnings and net worth. So, here is some of the information:

InformationKylie Kristen JennerCristiano Ronaldo
Country of Birth  Los Angeles, U.S.A        Portugal
Net Worth      $1.5 Billion        $750 Million
Annual Income      $130 Million        $36 Million
Salary    $120,000 (Per Day)        $62 Million
Monthly Income      $1.6 Million        $5 Million

Do I need to say anything else? Ain’t it enough to see that Kylie Jenner is so younger than Cristiano Ronaldo and has a higher Net Worth? But NO. I want to see more about them, and I know most of you, too, want that. So let us stick to this article.

What made Kylie Kristen Jenner and Cristiano so successful?

Kylie Jenner’s successful story:

Despite being a famous billionaire, Kylie Jenner has built up a cosmetics business, participated in “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” with her family as well as in her own spin-off series, “Life of Kylie,” and launched a clothing line with her sister, and made millions by advertising things on Instagram. After this, she became more famous and successful and took the first place becoming the world’s youngest billionaire.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s successful story:

Ronaldo joined English powerhouse Manchester United in 2003 after a great season with Sporting that attracted the interest of Europe’s top football clubs. He became famous right away and was immediately considered one of the top forwards in the league.

This is not new to know that famous celebrities won many awards after being successful in their career, and so goes the same with the famous Kylie Kristen Jenner and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s achievements:

Ronaldo is known as one of the greatest players of all time and has the record for most European player honors with five Ballon d’Or wins and four European Golden Shoes.In his career, he has won 32 trophies, along with the UEFA European Championship, five UEFA Champions Leagues, and seven league championships.

Ronaldo has a total of 34 senior championships to his name. Also, he has won at least five titles in friendly contests and one title from his youth. By January 2021, he had won over 300 medals and prizes and some of which dated back to his younger days.

Kylie Jenner’s achievements:

Throughout her career, Kylie Jenner has earned a number of prestigious awards. At the 2013 Teen Choice Awards, Capricho Awards, and WWD Beauty Inc., she took first place in the Choice TV Reality Television Star Female category. She was also awarded as the year’s top newsmaker.

She was honored by the Fragrance Foundation Awards, taking home both the Streamy Award for Best Collaboration in 2019 and the Popular Fragrance of the Year for 2020. Throughout her career, she was also put forward for a number of other important awards.

Interestingly, both Kylie Jenner and Cristiano Ronaldo are joined with some other business deals that bring millions of dollars into their pockets. Take a look at their endorsement deals.

Endorsement deal of Kylie Jenner:

  • Kylie Cosmetics: She collaborated with her Instagram followers and used models in her product advertisements to promote her product Live.
  • Adidas: Up until recently, Kylie was the brand representative for the business.
  • Calvin Klein: Kylie has been selected as Calvin Klein’s brand ambassador to promote their products.
  • Pacsun: For a special new Young Women’s Line that is inspired by California, Pacsun has announced a partnership with Kylie.
  • Puma: Last week, it was announced that Kylie Jenner had agreed to a $1 million, six-month contract with the brand that would let her don sneakers made by any firm.

Endorsement deal of Cristiano Ronaldo:

  • Herbalife: Ronaldo will continue to be fully promoted by Herbalife in connection with the category of products for nutrition, and wellness.
  •  Armani: For the Armani sponsorship, he took David Beckham’s place from Manchester United. Ronaldo acts as a model for Emporio Armani’s jeans and underwear for men.
  •  TAG Heuer: Since 2014, Cristiano Ronaldo has served as a brand ambassador for TAG Heuer, and now a chronograph carries his name.
  • Clear Shampoo: He also became the ambassador for a clear anti-dandruff shampoo.

CARS? Yes, dude CARS! Not A CAR. I am very sure that after having such billions of Net Worth, both of them have the most expensive, eye-catching car collections.

Kylie Jenner runs many expensive cars like

  • AMG G63 worth $200,000
  • Aforementioned G550
  • Ferrari 458 Spider worth $250,000
  • 482 Italia
  •  LaFerrari Aperta
  •  Ferrari 488 Spider that costs $285,000
  •  Mercedes-Maybach S600 costs $200,000

Cristiano Ronaldo runs some of the finest and most expensive cars like

  • Ferrari Monza SP1
  •  McLaren Senna
  •  Mercedes G-Wagon Brabus
  • Bugatti Centodieci
  • Two Rolls-Royce vehicles

Now the last part, I always wait eagerly to see their residential places.  We are always amazed by their properties, choices, and lifestyles. Let me now give you all a heart attack by sharing their home profile.

Cristiano’s Home:

Ronaldo owns buildings all around the world and has invested a large portion of his wealth in real estate. It is said that he is planning a retirement palace near Cascais on the Portuguese coast. The 8 homes he has are:

Cristiano's Home
  • His home in La Finca
  • Two Expensive apartments in Lisbon
  • Seven stories in Madeira
  • The Marbella holiday home
  • The gateway in Geres
  • He also has a home in Turin

Kylie’s home:

Kylie’s home:

Kylie has a $13.5 million Beverly Hills property that  Travis Scott shared, which was purchased soon after the birth of their daughter, Stormi, in 2018. She along with her partner, shared the cost of their home, which has seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms.

Also, she holds a $36.5 million mansion in Holmby Hills. Kylie has five estates in California which have more than 19,000 square feet of space allocated and designed with seven large bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a chef’s kitchen with a marble island, and other spaces.

Ending Thought:

Coming to the end of the article, we have briefly seen Kylie Kristen Jenner’s Net Worth vs Cristiano Ronaldo’s Net Worth, saying that Kylie, a young billionaire of this generation, has a higher Net Worth than the world’s most famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, Kylie Kristen Jenner has a Net Worth of $750 million more than Cristiano Ronaldo.

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