Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's Relationship Timeline

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie both fell in love while working on Game of Thrones. They first met on the set during the filming of season 2 in 2011. Harington played the role of Jon Snow, and Leslie portrayed Ygritte. Although Ygritte’s character died in 2014, their real-life romance continued to thrive. The chemistry between these two actors was undeniable from the moment they locked their eyes.

In 2014, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie reunited after breaking up the year before. The news surprised many fans, as Harington had been dating actress Lily Allen during his breakup with Leslie. In an interview with Vogue Italia, he spoke candidly about his love story with Leslie, saying they had simply grown apart during their separation.

He confessed that he fell in love with Leslie while filming a beautiful country with amazing Northern Lights. Harington said he already had a connection with her before they started filming Game of Thrones, which made falling in love with Leslie even easier since she played his love interest on the show.

It was a fairy-tale moment for Kit Harington and Rose Leslie as he got down on just one knee and asked for her hand in marriage! After five enchanted years together, Leslie said yes to her prince charming. But in an interview with Harington, he revealed that he may have fumbled the big moment with a little bit of clumsiness. Nevertheless, their love story only adds to the magic and excitement of their relationship!

“I had a fairy-tale proposal in mind, complete with twinkling lights and romance at every turn,” Harington gushed during an interview with British TV host Jonathan Ross. “But, as destiny would have it, we found ourselves surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the countryside, beneath a shimmering night sky, snuggled up by a blazing fire, and savoring a luxurious glass of red wine. Let’s just say my excitement knew no bounds and things took a passionate turn… Forgive my animated expression!”

It was a joyous moment for the couple as they announced the arrival of their bundle of joy in February 2021, five months after Leslie confirmed her pregnancy. The love story of Kit Harington and Rose Leslie has been a magical journey for Game of Thrones fans, but like all relationships, it has also had its ups and downs.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit the timeline of their relationship:


Kit Harington and Rose Leslie first encountered each other on the thrilling set of Game of Thrones during the filming of its electrifying season 2.

August 2012

In August 2012, Harington and Leslie were seen in London together, confirming their romantic relationship.

August 2013

After a year of dating, the romance between Harington and Leslie sadly came to a close in August 2013.

May 2014

In August 2014, Us Weekly reported the exciting news of Harington and Leslie’s reunion after they parted ways the previous year. An insider said, “The couple is having a great time, keeping things light and casual, and not rushing into anything like moving in together.”

April 2016

Harington and Leslie made their affection for each other known at the 2016 Olivier Awards in London, as they shared a series of sweet PDA moments on the red carpet.

September 2017

Harington and Leslie declared their engagement in September 2017. A notice was published in The Times announcing the engagement between Kit, son of David and Deborah Harington, and Rose, daughter of Sebastian and Candy Leslie.

June 2018

Harington and Leslie exchanged vows in a romantic ceremony in Scotland on June 23, 2018.

November 2018

In November 2018, a Russian model named Olga Vlaslova claimed to have had an affair with Kit Harington. However, Harington’s representative quickly denied the allegations, stating that the actor had never even been to Luxembourg nor had he ever met Olga Vlaslova.

April 2019

As rumors of infidelity swirled, Harington and Leslie, showed their unwavering love for each other during his appearance on “Saturday Night Live.” The pair shared not one but two passionate kisses, including one during his opening monologue, as they declared their love for each other in front of a live studio audience. The loving display proved that, despite the rumors, their love was stronger than ever!

May 2019

In May 2019, just weeks after the epic conclusion of Game of Thrones, news spread that Kit Harington had embarked on an exciting journey to better himself. He asks for professional help at a treatment facility to tackle personal challenges and make the most of his time off. This daring move showed the world that he was not afraid to face his struggles head-on and work towards a brighter future.

After the Game of Thrones finale, Harington took a break and went to a wellness retreat to work on personal issues. His wife, Rose Leslie, encouraged him to go to treatment and supported him throughout the process. The couple’s love for each other motivated Harington to build positive change in his life.

September 2020

In an interview with Make magazine in the U.K., Leslie said she was expecting her first child in September 2020. She showed off her baby bump while wearing a long black dress.

October 2020

Leslie was thrilled to be expecting her first child with Kit Harington. The actress told The New York Post, “Being pregnant is a blessing, and I can’t wait to welcome our new baby into the world!”

February 2021

Harington and Leslie’s rep confirmed the birth of their first child to the US, saying, “They had a baby boy, and they are very happy.” The couple has not commented on their son’s name.

August 2021

The Eternals actor told Access Hollywood, “Every day I wake up and take care of this little person, and now we’re a unit.” “I think the most surprising thing about being a dad is that the three of you are now one unit, and you must find a new way to work together. How does the fact that he grows and changes every day affect you? It really is a beautiful thing.”

September 2021

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie wore dresses by Saint Laurent or Oscar de la Renta to September 2021 Met Gala.

April 2022

Rose Leslie told Harper’s Bazaar UK about the joyful moments she shared with her husband and their son. She said, “We made a deal that if our son woke up crying at night, Kit would go to him because I needed to wake up early for work. It was actually great.”

May 2022

Rose Leslie stated in a May 2022 interview with Extra that she drew inspiration for The Time Traveler’s Wife from her personal life. She said, “Having a supportive partner in a relationship gives you a sense of security.” “And hopefully, both of you can grow together and become more grounded individuals.”

January 2023

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie attended Paris Fashion Week. They were there to see the Louis Vuitton Menswear Fall-Winter 2023-2024 show. Harington wore a yellow blazer with flower buttons. Leslie, on the other hand, chose an all-black outfit.

February 2023

On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Blade star Kit Harington announced that Rose Leslie is expecting their second child. He talked about their firstborn son, saying, “He’s doing great, but he’s about to get a big surprise – a sibling.”

Harington added, “I’m a bit scared. With your first pregnancy, you feel like you’re walking on clouds and everything is wonderful for nine months. At least, that’s what the man feels like. With the second one, the reality check comes much sooner. You become really useful quickly because you have two children to care for.”

Harington added, “Our firstborn may not fully understand the situation yet. To get him ready, we point to Rose’s stomach and tell him, “Mummy’s baby, Mummy’s baby.” He then points to his own stomach and says, “My baby.” He’ll soon enough discover the exciting news.”

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