Keri Hilson Dating History: Love life, Boyfriend, Marriage 

There is a saying that goes, ‘Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.’ Yes, it is true when you think deeply about life, but there are exceptions. Believe it or not, Keri Hilson’s dating history remains a mystery till now. Yes, you read that right! One of her past relationships has still left us in the dark.

Do you know why? Well, after doing some detective work on Keri Hilson, we found out that she may have been married and also had kids in the past, which is why we are here with all the details you need to know regarding the mysterious relationship.

Not only that, we are in the mood to gossip today and to let you in about the singer’s past relationships that include several celebrity names such as Lil Wayne and Trey Songz.

To cut the long story short, let’s have a quick look at the names that Hilson has been allegedly linked to romantically over the years.

Keri Hilson Dating History Overview

NamesYears Together
Samuel Soba2000- Unknown
Lil Wayne2008-2009
Soulja Boy2009-2010
Trey Songz2009-2010
Serge Ibaka2012-2016
Ricardo Lockette2016

1. Samuel Soba

Ok, I’m done keeping all this to myself. Let me get straight to it and put you all out of your suspicions about Keri Hilson’s dating history. It starts with ….Wait! Are you ready?

Apparently, the singer started dating Samuel Soba in 2000 and tied the knot with him two years later in 2002. Sadly somewhere along the line, things didn’t work out and they split up although we don’t know when, okay that does happen to couples. But the point is that she hides this relationship from everyone, acting as if it never happened.

I bet many of you out there didn’t know this before reading the article. Well, that’s not it. I suggest you have a seat before reading further.

According to sources, Keri Hilson also had two children from her marriage to Soba. But no one knows anything about them, as she never mentions that phase of her life anywhere. And lucky for her, it’s hard to track Samuel as he has kept himself well away from social media.

I mean, keeping a low profile is one thing and totally erasing a past marriage with kids is something else.

Whatever the case, I’m sure there is some truth, as rumors don’t start without a reason.

As I mentioned in the beginning, this relationship remains a mystery since some say she has been seen with Soba and they remained married till 2016. Whereas other sources have revealed that the man she was seen with was one of her recent boyfriends who is often mistaken for Soba.

However, Keri Hilson never spills the beans about her marriage and rumored kids this is why we don’t know what actually happened and when the relationship ended.

2. Lil Wayne

Let’s move on to a relationship that will not confuse our brains and make us play Sherlock Holmes. Yes, this time Hilson was linked to none other than the American rapper  Lil Wayne whom she dated in 2008.

This relationship is not a mystery but involves heaps of drama. Come on, it’s Lil Wayne, after all, we know he is famous for dating multiple women at a time. In this case, he managed to create drama amongst the Hilsons after getting involved with their daughter.

Lil Wayne and Keri Hilson hooked up together in 2008 when filming for Hilson’s video ‘Turnin me on’, after which the two started dating. But Keri’s family was very much against the pair getting together as they were all aware of Lil Wayne’s reputation for cheating on women.

Needless to say, Keri was badly in love with the rapper and even stayed with him whilst he was messing around with others. But eventually, she lost her patience and decided to call it quits a few months after she found out Lil Wayne got his other girlfriends Lauren and Nivea pregnant at the same time.

I mean way to go Lil Wayne!

After the breakup, Keri Hilson released a song named ‘Breaking Point’ which was about Lil Wayne.

3. Soulja Boy

Keri Hilson came in contact with Soulja Boy whilst collaborating on her single ‘Turn my Swag On,’ in 2009. Soon after which the couple was seen together often in public, presumably dating each other according to rumors.

However, Hilson denies the fact even now that she ever dated Soulja Boy.

Was it rumors or did Keri keep the relationship a secret? Only she knows the answer I guess.

4. Trey Songz

Being famous comes with a huge price as we can see from Keri Hilson’s dating history, the singer was connected to a number of rumors when it came to relationships.

This time she was linked to Trey Songz; the two got together in 2009 when Keri Hilson was featured in Trey Songz’s video’ ‘I invented Sex.’ After which rumors started sparkling that Keri and Trey got involved with one another and dated for 2 months.

As we all know that Keri Hilson is a hard nut to crack hence she denied dating Trey Songz leaving rumors to be rumors.

5. Serge Ibaka

By this time Keri Hilson had enough bad encounters with singers leading her to fall for Congolese Basketball player Serge Ibaka who played for the NBA.

The duo started dating in 2012 and were seen together multiple times in public. Both Hilson and Ibaka used to post couple pictures on their social media accounts letting the public get a view of their relationship.

However, the two dated for 4 years before their breakup in 2016. When asked about the reason for splitting up there were many different answers.

A source revealed that Keri wanted to settle down and get married which Serge was not at all prepared for. Apparently, Keri used to try way too hard to keep the relationship going smoothly which included her cooking for Serge’s family and also speaking their language. Unfortunately, the singer was not appreciated at all by his family which according to the source led to Serge ending things.

However, Keri had something different to say stating that she thought Ibaka was the one for her as he was different from her past boyfriends and she was sad to let him go. Yet again the singer did not reveal exactly what happened and why they split up. After the breakup, Keri stated that she would think more wisely before jumping into relationships in the future.

Now here comes the interesting part, remember I told you about Keri’s mystery husband Samuel Soba? Apparently, Serge Ibaka is Samuel Soba who married Keri Hilson. Confusing right? Let me put you out of your misery.

According to many currently, the man known as Serge Ibaka who is originally from Africa was given the name Samuel Soba at birth. Upon joining the NBA he had to change his name to the current one, which has led to identity crises for him!!!

This is where Keri fits into the picture. She was apparently married to this person, but strangely whenever we search for photos of Keri and her husband Soba, for some reason we always get to see pictures of Ibaka. Leading to the situation being more complicated.

Some say that Samuel Soba is a totally different person who was married to the singer but has now decided to stay out of the public eye. Others say that Soba and Ibaka are the same people who has been married to Hilson but has kept the relationship private.

I just wish Keri Hilson for once let us in on her secret rather than getting us all mixed up.

6. Ricardo Lockette

Following her breakup with Serge Ibaka, the singer was back in the dating game again, this time she fell for NFL player Ricardo Lockette in 2016.

I can’t help saying Keri Hilson loves to be the center of attention. I mean the lady is constantly dating someone and making her love life public in the media!!!

Nonetheless, Keri dated Lockette for only a few months leading them to split up in the same year in 2017.


Well, the mystery woman has had her share of dating for the time being. Currently, the singer is single by choice and she is loving it! The singer states that she is enjoying living life by herself and growing as a human being.

Although Keri Hilson’s dating history showed that she couldn’t stay without a man for long, this time the singer has proved us wrong. And has also said that she is not looking for love but love will find its way to her when the time is right.

Let’s hope she finds herself a decent man to stick with!!

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