Julia Haart Divorce Settlement: Is She Broke? Family And Net Worth

Since My Unorthodox Life came out, Julia’s life has changed a lot. In case you forget, Julia worked with her husband, Silvio Scaglia, before he bought Elite World Group in 2011. Silvio made Julia a co-owner and CEO of the company after they got married in 2019. This was several years after they got married. Even her last name was taken. After 2.5 years of marriage, Scaglia moves out of the couple’s beautiful TriBeCa apartment at the beginning of season 2.

For sure, she and Silvio Scaglia ended their two-year marriage in early 2022, which led to a bitter divorce and Julia’s leaving her job as CEO of Elite World Group. She says that her children, on the other hand, have given her unwavering support.

Julia Haart Divorce Settlement

Julia Haart is no longer facing the lawsuit that her ex-husband, Silvio Scaglia, brought against her, but in the long run, she stands to gain much more.

After her job was cut, Julia got a protective order against Silvio. Page Six reported that Silvio then sued Julia for $850,000, which he says was “illegally taken” from a new bank account they got to share with Julia after she was fired. In a letter, Silvio said that Julia took advantage of her role as CEO of Elite World Group by wasting a lot of money and abusing her power.

Rolling Stone says that Julia filed her own case in Delaware in February 2022. She asked for damages after being fired, saying that evidence showed she controlled 50% of the company. In May, ET reported that the court sided with Silvio and said that Julia did not own 50% of their businesses.

According to ET, Julia sued Silvio for a second time in July 2022 for more than $257 million. She said that after she filed for divorce, he stole millions from their business.

Julia Haart Family Details

Haart was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1971. When she was three, she and her parents moved from Russia to Austin, Texas.

No one knows who Julia Haart’s parents are or what they do for a living. Only one of her siblings, a sister named Hannah, still talks to her. Her parents and other siblings stopped talking to her after she left the Orthodox community. There are seven people in her family.

Julia Haart is no longer with her husband. She was married twice. At age 19, she got married to Yosef Hendler. She got back together with Silvio Scaglia, a wealthy Italian businessman, in June 2019. Scaglia took the last name Haart after they got married.

In February 2022, she asked for a divorce and was fired from her job as CEO the same day. With her first husband, she had four children, Yosef Hendler. Their names were Batsheva, Shlomo, Miriam, and Aron. Miriam has also taken on the last name of her mother, Haart.

Julia Haart Net Worth In 2023

Are you interested in Julia Haart’s net worth?

Julia Haart, an American businesswoman, fashion designer, and author, has a net worth of $500 million. Elite World Group, her own business, is her main source of income. This fashion brand has worked with a lot of famous people. She charges based on the service she gives. Every month, she charges the customer up to $80,000.

She was named CEO, Co-Owner, and Chief Creative Officer of Elite World Group 2019, the greatest model-based and talent media company in the world.

Haart’s marriage to the Italian businessman Silvio Scaglia is well-known. Haart is also a reality TV star. She was in the Netflix show “My Unorthodox Life” and was also the show’s executive producer. 

She makes $2 million a year as a co-owner of one of the best modeling and talent agencies in the world. She has a lot of money because she works hard for the company and has other assets and sources of income. At first, $96k was taken out of her company every month. As a fashion designer, she has improved the clothes of all celebrities, which is something she gets paid for.

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