Julia Gillard is in her sixties, yet she appears to be in her forties, prompting many to wonder if she had plastic surgery to counteract the ravages of aging. She may have undergone Botox injections, a facelift, and eyelid surgery because her face and eyes appear smooth and tight even today. Similarly, her face is free of wrinkles and sagging lines.

Julia Gillard was Australia’s 27th Prime Minister and the country’s first and only female Prime Minister. She has devoted her time since leaving office to lobbying, governance responsibilities, and writing. But what makes her people admire her most is the fact that she seems stopped aging and looks beautiful even today.

That is why people become suspicious of whether Julia’s fresh look is natural or not. Since she is getting older, which means there would be a lot of aging sign which comes up to her skin. Julia surely needs to get help from plastic surgery. Has she had plastic surgery to cope with the effects of aging? Well, let’s find out of she has gone under the knife or not.

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Julia Gillard and Plastic Surgery: High Speculation on Botox Injections, Facelift, and Eyelid Surgery

Julia Gillard (@juliagillard) is in her sixties but it looks like she is in her forties which had led fans to speculate if she had plastic surgery to cope with the effects of aging. There should be a lot of aging signs on her face like everyone else her age. The first thing that appears on her face should be wrinkles and frown lines because aging loses the ability to get around the face. This is why Gillard feels the need to cope with this problem and opts for Botox injections.

The 27th prime minister of Australia also opts to do a facelift. It appears that she has done the surgery more than once, so she is able to keep the effect until now. This is why, even today we can see that her face appears so smooth and tight. Similarly, there are no sagging lines on her face. Her face looks fuller, especially on her cheek, which looks sot oned. And luckily, the result of her surgery seems normal and looks natural for her.

Julia Gillard is in her sixties but it looks like she is in her forties due to plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comJulia Gillard is in her sixties but it looks like she is in her forties due to plastic surgery.
Source: 973fm

Especially, since it is not normal for Julia Gillard to stay beautiful after all of those years. Some fans say that she has possibly gone under the knife for her eyelid surgery. We can tell by looking at her eyes, which still look pretty and smooth. A woman who is already in her sixties will surely have fine lines and wrinkles around her eyes but we can see there are no aging signs in Julia.

Apparently, the author did change to her older appearance because she shows very few signs. And not only does her aging seems to stop, but Julia is also getting younger in her sixty ages so people could see her as if she is ten years younger. These symptoms make people more curious because she could still maintain her smooth skin which is free of wrinkles and sagging lines that should already be all around her face.

Julia Gillard back in 2005 in parliament before plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comJulia Gillard back in 2005 in parliament before plastic surgery.
Source: Courier Mail

On the other hand, Julia Gillard has not shared any information regarding undergoing any plastic surgery treatments. All of the speculations above are based on the premise. We’ll get back to you as soon as we have more information about her transformation.

Julia Gillard’s Education and Career Line Explored

Julia Gillard went to Unley High School and Mitcham Demonstration School. She then attended the University of Adelaide but dropped out in 1982 to work for the Australian Union of Students. In 1986, she earned a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degrees from the University of Melbourne. She began her legal career at Slater & Gordon, where she practiced industrial law before entering politics.

The 61-year-old politician was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1998 for the seat of Lalor in Victoria. During the 2001 federal election, she was elected to the Shadow Cabinet and assigned the responsibility of Population and Immigration. In 2003, she was appointed to the positions of Reconciliation, Indigenous Affairs, and Health. She was voted unopposed as Kevin Rudd’s deputy when he was elected Labour Leader and then became Leader of the Opposition in December 2006.

Following Labor’s victory in the 2007 federal election, Gillard became Australia’s first female Deputy Prime Minister. She was the Minister of Education as well as the Minister of Employment and Workplace Relations. She was elected Labour Party Leader unopposed after Rudd lost his party’s support and resigned. On June 24, 2010, she was sworn in as Australia’s 27th Prime Minister.


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