The Black-centered streaming platform ALLBLK is delivering this week a new original drama developed by Judge Lynn Toler called “Judge Me Not”, it is a legal and court show about an up-and-coming black judge who must navigate her turn on the bench, as well as deal with mental illness issues. This shows banks the recent success of ALLBLK and capitalizes on the expertise of Judge Lynn Toler because the most significant benefit of having former judges and prosecutors serve as executive producers is their wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Court pros like Lynn Toler have spent years working in the legal field, handling real-life cases, and navigating the intricacies of the justice system. As a result, they can ensure the accuracy of legal procedures, terminology, and courtroom etiquette portrayed in the show, giving the production another level of realism and depth that can explain to viewers how the legal system works.

Judge Me Not
Judge Zelma will have to deal with a zany cast of characters (Credit: ALLBLK)

What Is Judge Me Not?

Judge Me Not chronicles the life of Zelma Jay Johnson, a bright young black woman grappling with mental health issues, a wacky family, and a tumultuous love life. As she assumes the role of a judge in a court full of characters from all walks of life and diverse temperament, she’ll have to deal with the duplicitous personalities of these coworkers.

Zelma will have to navigate the ups and downs of her love affair with her live-in partner as things take an unexpected turn. Furthermore, things get more complex for this up-and-coming judge as she finds herself embroiled in a psychological thriller; her life is suddenly thrust into peril. Can she put up with the pressure or fall prey to her inner demons? Can she deal with the sordid cast of characters she’ll have to work with in court? How will Judge Zelma cope with all these problems facing her from all aspects of her life?

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Who Stars In Judge Me Not?

The producers of Judge Me Not cast Jamaican actress Chyna Lane in the role of Judge Zelma Jay Johnson, a newly-appointed judge with mental illness issues. Javon Terrell plays Daryl Bledsoe, the romantic partner to Judge Zelma. While ALLBLK did give us a general idea as to who’s who in their intro to this show, they made available the main cast without describing the roles; as such, Ben Bladon plays Larry Steele, Bonita Brisker plays Jean, Terrence Green plays Michael Johnson, Malena Cunningham Anderson plays Yvonne Johnson, Gena Shaw plays Barbara Lester and Jonathan Chase plays Martin Allen. 

Judge Me Not
Judge Zelma Jay Johnson will have to deal with her inner demons (Credit: ALLBLK)

Judge Me Not Episode 2 Release Date

Judge Me Not Episode 2, titled “Someone’s Gotta Go,” releases on ALLBLK on 1 June 2023 at  00:00 hrs Eastern Time, United States. Each episode runs for one hour. Below, you’ll find the time release schedules for this show in different parts of the world.

  • Pacific US Time: 21:00 hrs (the previous day, 31 May 2023)
  • Australian Time:
    • Sydney Time: 14:00 hrs (the previous day, 31 May 2023)
    • Melbourne Time: 14:00 hrs (the previous day, 31 May 2023)
    • Brisbane Time: 13:00 hrs (the previous day, 31 May 2023)
  • United Kingdom Time: 05:00 hrs
  • Singapore Time: 12:00 hrs
  • India Standard Time: 09:30 hrs
  • Central Europe Standard Time: 06:00 hrs
  • New Zealand Standard Time: 18:00 hrs (the previous day, 31 May 2023)

Judge Me Not Trailer

Where To Watch Judge Me Not?

Judge Me Not is an ALLBLK exclusive; as such, you’ll need a subscription to that service. ALLBLK costs $5.99 a month or $59.99 yearly. Furthermore, if you’re not familiar with ALLBLK, it is a streaming platform that concentrates on giving its subscribers productions with an entirely black cast and with a very diverse array of shows, series, and movies from all genres. ALLBLK goes the extra mile to include independent films, black nostalgic movies, and many more.

The platform is available on all devices: Smart TVs, iOS, Android, tablets, and smartphones as well as Apple TV devices, also from platforms like Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Roku. If you’re looking for a different take on streaming, do consider this platform. 

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