Jorge Masvidal Has 3 Kids With His Wife Iman Kawa, Family And Net Worth

The American MMA Fighter Jorge Masvidal is among the most-skilled fighters with strong reflexes and strong, striking abilities. He is most known for making a record by knocking his opponent in only five seconds. It is considered to be the fastest time a fighter has knocked out his opponent.

This professional MMA fighter is also known for his bold interviews and strong attitude, which is reflected in his fights. In October 2022, Jorge was ranked eleventh in the UFC welterweight rankings.

End of the day, Jorge is more than an MMA fighter. He has a rich history of participating in different events and has been affiliated with well-known organizations like Bellator, Strikeforce, Shark Fights, and World Victory Road. Currently, he balances his role as a family man and a professional fighter.

Jorge Masvidal Wiki

NameJorge Masvidal
BornNovember 12, 1984 (Age 38)
Age38 Years Old
WifeIman Kawa (Former)
Children2 Daughters and a son
Height5’ 11”
Body TypeMusculin
Net Worth$6M

Professional Info:

ProfessionMMA Fighter
DivisionWelterweight, Lightweight
Reach188 cm
Total Matches51
Wins/Losses35 /16

How Many Kids Does Jorge Masvidal Have With His Wife, Iman Kawa?

Jorge is a proud father of two daughters and a son. Although he does not reveal much about the names and ages of his kids, there is a rumor that his oldest daughter is around 15 years old, followed by his second daughter who is around 9 years old. Meanwhile, it is rumored that his son is around three years old.

Relationship with Iman Kawa: Jorge and Iman were in a relationship for ten long years until the two decided to separate their way in 2019. However, Jorge’s three kids are proof of their relationship.

About Iman Kawa: Iman Kawa is a Jordanian American entrepreneur and procurement specialist and sister of the MMA agent Malki Kawa. She also founded a baking shop that makes luxury custom cookies, Better Tha Your Mother’s.

Jorge Masvidal Family: Why Was His Father Imprisoned?

Jorge’s Father is Cuban, and his mother is Peruvian. In an interview, he shared that his father used a self-made to leave Cuba and establish himself in the Virgin Islands while Jorge was still young. Later, his father was imprisoned for more than 20 long years for manslaughtering and drug trafficking. This incident mentally affected Jorge’s life as he was unsure what to do further.

According to Jorge Masvidal, it is a tragic part of his life that he wants to forget and live on.

How Much Is Jorge Masvidal Net Worth In 2023?

According to multiple sources, including Celebrity Net Worth, Jorge Madvidal has a net worth of $6 million. His income comes from competing in MMA fights and in other professional fighting events.

However, MMA fighting is not the only thing Jorge is pursuing in his life. He has multiple business interests and has founded several MMA product brands. In recent years, Jorge has launched a brand El Recuerdo de Oaxaca Joven in partnership with Recuerdo Mezcal.

Moreover, he has multiple investments running and brand associations that help him generate the money he owns right now.


Jorge Masvidal has faced tragedy in his past, but he is not afraid to speak about it. He has a strong mindset and physique that allows him to continue pursuing his career as a professional fighter, taking on tough opponents without hesitation.

Despite his marriage ending in 2019, Jorge remains dedicated to his role as a father to his three children. Despite the challenges he’s faced, he continues to present himself in top physical form, ready to take on the strongest opponents in the ring.

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