'Joker' is full of winks: did you notice the hidden countdown?

The already mythical film starring Joaquin Phoenix has a complex universe in which it is very easy to get lost. Here’s a sample.

Did you notice that Joker has a countdown that announces that the explosion of the antihero is about to arrive?

According to a widespread theory on the internet, the film shows a count from 10 to 0 to warn viewers. Arthur Fleck is on the verge of madness and has little left to become a villain.

It’s not something director Todd Phillips has confirmed, but the images speak for themselves.

If you look very closely, you must be very observant. You will see that, throughout the film, the numbers are happening progressively from 10 to 0.

Of course, some appear at key moments, such as the shooting of Wayne Enterprises employees or the kiss with their neighbor, but the truth is that not everyone follows that same pattern.

Some numbers are seen in the foreground, but others are more hidden, making perceiving them difficult.

But the truth is that they are all there, and they descend logically until they reach the end of the film when Arthur is completely unleashed and has already become the new great villain of Gotham.

The countdown is taken for granted just as he bathes in the clamor of his followers.

Does the clown play by Joaquin Phoenix cause the social chaos announced throughout the film? We leave you the evidence so that you can conclude for yourself. Here are the 10 images.

“9” – Minute 33 – 9th Avenue

Arthur Fleck shoots the three Wayne Enterprises employees who assaulted him (and another passenger) in the Gotham City subway. Unfortunately, one of those shots is at the “9th AVE” station.

“8” – Minute 36 – Apartment 8B

After the murder, Arthur Fleck takes refuge in the house of his neighbor Sophie Dumond, who lives in apartment 8B, to kiss passionately.

“7” – 1 hour and 13 minutes – 7th floor of Arkham

Arthur Fleck storms out of the 7th floor of Arkham Psychiatric Hospital after stealing information about his mother’s past.

“6” – 1 hour and 32 minutes – Platform N°6

Arthur Fleck rushes into the subway, hiding in his clown makeup, pursued by Inspectors Burke and Garrity. What number do we see? Indeed, the 6.

“5” – 1 hour and 33 minutes – Wagon 5

As the two policemen try to unmask Arthur Fleck on the subway, a passenger throws himself at one of the inspectors, shooting him. The scene takes place on train number 5.

“4” – 1 hour and 35 minutes – Set 4B

Arthur Fleck interviews Murray Franklin and his producer before recording the show on set 4B. And, beware! Because this exchange takes place in the 404 locker room. Chance?

“3” – 1 hour and 42 minutes – Camera 3

Already introduced as The Joker, Arthur Fleck confesses live to the murders of the three employees of Wayne Enterprises and makes his complaint about the company. The good is coming.

“2” – 1 hour and 45 minutes – WGC2

After Murray Franklin’s murder takes place to live, the various news channels, including the television newscast WGC2, deal with the event.

“1” – 1 hour and 47 minutes – Ace in the Hole

Here goes the 1, although it is somewhat hidden. When the police car leading to The Joker suffers an accident, we see the poster of Ace in the hole. Here are several winks.

To begin with, that ‘Ace’ -‘As’ in Spanish- replaces the number 1 in the deck, which brings us to the end of the countdown.

Similarly, the title ‘Ace in the hole connects with Ace Chemicals, a factory well known to Batman fans, and that fits perfectly with the transformation of Arthur Fleck at this moment in history.

By the way, Billy Wilder’s The Great Carnival is a strong critique of the tabloid media. A journalist searching for news rubs his hands when a man is trapped in a grotto while he searches for news.

His ambition to get readers’ attention leads him to push moral boundaries. The story’s plot is very much in line with what Joker wants to tell.

“0” – 1 hour and 52 minutes – Chaos

Already standing on the hood of the police car, Joker takes a mass bath. The ‘Ace in the hole sign is hidden. The countdown ends, and a great villain is born.

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