The release date for Joe Pickett Season 2 Episodes 1 & 2 is here. Joe Pickett is the US drama show that was first aired in 2021 and had ten episodes. And the new season, which is the second season, has been announced and will premiere soon.

It is a crime genre show and has gathered a long and huge fan base in the American community. CJ Box is the author of the show who has created all these characters, and the show first aired on Spectrum Originals and then later transferred to Paramount Plus.

The show focuses on Michael Dorman, who plays the role of Joe Pickett, who has to take care of his family and is on the verge of bankruptcy. He was in the world in a mystery when a person who was killed later was shown near his house.

As he tries to defend the ones he loves, Joe must work with the Wyoming sheriff’s office to go through a complicated web of lies and betrayal. In this article, we will get to know about the release date for the new episode and the recap of the previous session too, and also where you can watch this episode.

Recap Of Joe Pickett Season 1

In the first episode, titled “A Monster at the Gate,” we saw Joe Pickett go to his job in the Saddlestring Wyo as a game warden, and he finds something unexpected there with a local poacher.

In the second episode, titled “Circling Vultures,” we saw Joe weasels his way into a small-town murder investigation and runs afoul of some influential locals. Marybeth oversees the rest of the family at a motel and conducts her research.

In the third episode, titled “Joey, Get Your Gun,” we saw Some other heroic and brave local people of that area, along with Joe, go on a dangerous track. Marybeth thinks of going back to the courtroom, and she thinks that going back will be a worthy cause.

In the fourth episode, titled “A Conspiracy of Ravens,” we saw Joe was successful in dispatching a pre-assumed murder, and he was praised for that, but according to him, the investigation was not over as he was not convinced and he thought that someone was trying to clean all the loose ends.

In the fifth episode, titled “Live and Look Like a Million,” we saw following the incident at Clyde’s caravan, Joe and Marybeth are shaken and must choose whether or not to continue their search for the truth. Unexpected guests arrive in Sheridan.

In the sixth episode, titled “Shoot, Shovel, and Shut Up,” we saw Joe trying to figure out whether there is anyone left in the town who is not involved in corruption, and at the same time to free Nate, we saw Marybeth working around.

In the seventh episode, titled “The Most Hated Man in Twelve Sleep,” we saw Joe ties together a crucial puzzle piece of the pipeline mystery, but it might come at a price. The Pickett family has moved into a lavish new house.

In the eighth episode, titled “The Killing Fields,” we see Joe is in search of an exceptional clue, and for this, he needs help. To his disposal comes help via an unknown ally. Amidst all this, we all saw that Marybeth and Sheridan were still in the danger zone, and their lives were quite vulnerable.

In the ninth episode, titled “Endangered,” we saw where the one hand, Joe, was in a hurry to reach the hospital. We saw that Sheridan was making her best efforts to escape the danger and utilize her survival skills.

In the tenth episode, titled “Open Season,” in the last episode, we saw that Picketts have to face their greatest danger to date, and after the storm has ended, people who are left behind make peace with the situation and cope with the existing times.

Joe Pickett Season 2 Episodes 1 & 2 Release Date

Joe Pickett Season 2 Episodes 1 & 2 will air on Sunday, June 04, 2023, at 12:00 am US time. The release time for different countries are:

  • 9:30 pm Sunday, in India
  • 2:00 pm Sunday, in Australia
  • 5:00 am Sunday, in the United Kingdom
  • 12:00 pm Sunday, in the Philippines
  • 1:00 pm Sunday, in South Korea
Still From Joe Pickett
Still From Joe Pickett (Credit: Paramount Plus)

The title for episode 1 is “The Missing and the Dead,” and the title for episode 2 is “The Question Why,” and will have a duration of 55 minutes. 

Where Can You Watch Joe Pickett Season 2 Episodes 1 & 2?

Joe Pickett Season 2 Episodes 1 & 2 will air on Spectrum, Amazon Prime, or Paramount Plus. 

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