We might be in one of the biggest baits in Jinx Chapter 24 as the newly introduced character gets mixed in with the main character’s problems. But this story has never done a bait that it wouldn’t follow afterward in a logical way. And it also happens to be one of the biggest reasons why this manhwa is one of the most popular in its genre.

Most of the series in the genre would turn their back the moment any serious moment occurred. And more often than not, it ends up assassinating the personality of the character, with them becoming another generic mouthpiece. For better or worse, Jinx is not like that; just in over 20 chapters, it has pushed the characters to the limit.

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Revealing the darkest side of their personality or showing them at their weakest; nothing in the story is done for fun. Every action is an indication or setup for things that will occur in the future. And that payoff is what has kept this fresh and interesting, to the point three issues a week don’t feel like enough.

However, all this was done with the dynamic between Jaekyung and Kim Dan; meanwhile, others hard play the role of support. And not long ago, things were at breaking point as Kim Dan was reduced to a mere thing with no way to escape. However, when the call to action came for Kim Dan, he acted in defiance, which even gave Jaekyung a pause.

Jinx Chapter 24
CC: Jinx Manhwa

Events Prior to Jinx Chapter 24

The events leading up to Jinx Chapter 24 are a big jumble, as a lot has happened in just a few issues. The story first starts with a poor guy in South Korea who wants to pay rent and his grandmother’s hospital bill. He had to resort to loan sharks just to ensure that she survived, but it got him in big trouble.

But that was just the beginning; an MMA fighter took an interest in him and decided to hire him. He was willing to keep him for a high price, but the services he wanted from Kim Dan were not of his profession. Kim Dan’s life spiraled down to a worse situation, and he couldn’t tell what his employer was thinking.

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Sometimes he is shown humanity by him; other times, his body gets abused by the athlete as if reasons had left him. However, things became worse when Kim Dan had to move in with him due to the demolition of his old house as he got caught by his loan sharks for not paying their money to them.

Then, Jaekyung comes in and pays his debt but makes it clear that he is the doctor officially now. The days are calm and relaxing until one-day Jaekyung returns and break all the rules and expectations readers have had of him. But, this was just the beginning of trouble as Kim Dan’s resistance and meeting his grandmother made matters complex.

Jinx Chapter 24
CC: Jinx Manhwa

Jinx Chapter 24: How will Potato Fit?

Jinx Chapter 24 will see Potato becoming one of the important characters in the series, if not the most important. The series spends an entire (nonviolent on Kim Dan) issue focusing on the new kid and his motivation to be at the gym. He is like a pet to everyone in the gym, but they do treat him with respect.

However, the same couldn’t be said about Kim Dan, who hasn’t had much of it from the people he ends up with. Though he is seen in a positive light by the gym members, he isn’t close with anyone there for it to be a concern to him or vice versa; he is the new physician that got hired by Jaekyung.

Jinx Chapter 24
CC: Jinx Manhwa

Only Potato suspects that there is something much more going on between the two, though it is not because he is perceptive. He just paid more attention to Jaekyung than anyone else as he got into the sport because he admired him. Though, his ideal is about to disappear as he is about to discover the true colors of Jaekyung.

Jinx Will be available to read on Lezhin Comics. For a series similar to this, read Your Eternal Lies or The Game That I Came From.


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