Jesus Ramos Boxer's Parents, Siblings, And Their Origin

Boxer Jesus Ramos is on the rise and is a prospect in the super welterweight division. His strength and strong ring Intelligence have led many people to feel that he has the potential to become a superstar as well as a future world champion.

During the fight that took place on Saturday night, the 22-year-old knocked out Joey Spencer. Because of his outstanding performance, Ramos has received a lot of attention from the general public.

Who exactly is this Jesus Ramos? Let’s find out more about his childhood and his parents in today’s little piece on him and his family.

Jesus Ramos’s Father

Jesus Alejandro Ramos is Jesus Ramos’s father who was also a boxer. It seems like Ramos took birth into a boxing family as boxing runs in their blood. His father, his uncle was also a boxer.

As his father and uncle were boxers, he took training from his father and uncle and from a young age kept watching boxing. So we can surely tell that he grew up all around boxing which really inspired him to become a boxer.

In an interview, the boxer said that he was grown up around all the boxers and whenever his uncle used to train his students Ramos has always been there.

In addition to this, not only his uncle, but his father was also an extremely important figure in his boxing career. When Ramos was younger, Ramos’ dad would put him in fights against older boys in the neighborhood.

He also said that once he lost interest in boxing and watching this his father asked him to take a break for at least a year so that he can think about whether he will continue boxing or not.

Besides this, we could not get any information about his mother on social sites.

Jesus Ramos’s Brother

It is not known whether the talented boxer Jesus Ramos has any brothers or sisters. Yet, he has an uncle named Abel Ramos who is also a well-known boxer in his own position.

Jesus Ramos is ten years younger than his brother, Abel Ramos. When Jesus was just three years old, Abel launched his career as an amateur athlete.

In addition to this, Abel Ramos’ brother Jesus Ramos Sr. is the father of Jesus Ramos Jr. According to Jesus, he first started to fight with Abel when he was 15 years old.

The fighter, who is 22 years old, described Abel as having a significant impact on him and claimed that Abel’s career was a significant source of motivation to him during an interview with the New York Times.

He was there for all of the local shows in Phoenix that his uncle competed in, even though they were only amateur fights as his uncle was a professional. And despite the fact that his uncle was competing in minor matches on minor cards, Ramos claimed that his uncle gave off the impression that he was competing in major events simply based on his physical appearance.

That is what served as a great source of motivation for Ramos after watching his battles, and thought he would go home and shadowbox in his room. “So he is going to stay in my room and practice shadowboxing while putting himself in his uncle’s position,” the unbeaten super welterweight said.

Jesus Ramos’s Career

The majority of Ramos’ 55 amateur matches were victories for him. At the 2015 Silver Gloves event, he finished in third place, and he won the Junior Olympics in 2013 and 2014 for consecutive two years.

Ramos made his professional debut in May 2018 in Agua Prieta, Sonoro, Mexico, with a knockout victory over Luis Romero in 88 seconds during a 145-pound fight. This victory was the 17-year-seventh-old’s continuous stoppage victory in two rounds or less.

There was also a knockout of Antonio Vergara in October that happened in 84 seconds, as well as knockouts in the second round that took place in June with Martin Sosa, in August with Miguel Angel Salmeron, in September with Jose Roberto Garcia, and in October with Hugo Montoya and Rudolfo Lopez, with the last two occurring 21 days apart.

In February 2019, Ramos won the fight by knockout over Ivan Chavela Resendiz in the second round. In the match that took place on Saturday, he was successful in knocking out his opponent Joey Spencer.

Boxing Scene claims that he knocked Spencer out toward the end of the first round and was clearly winning the fight. Yet Joey raised the level of competition throughout their fight over the first four rounds.

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