Jessie Mei Li Gender And Sexuality: Is She Gay?

Jessie Mei Li became very famous after the release of the Netflix series Shadow and Bone. She got fans followers from all over and 643k followers on her Instagram. Because of her role and lifestyle, Jessie Mei Li’s sexuality has become a topic of discussion among her fans. There have been some interesting rumors and assumptions about her identity and opinion on sexuality. 

Jessie Mei Li is now Hollywood’s one of the biggest sweethearts and celebrity. She earned worldwide popularity and fame after the fantasy Netflix series Shadow and Bone was released in 2021, the series is made based on the same-name novel released in 2012. Jessie Mei Li played the lead role character Alina Starkov in that series. 

Before the series, Jessie Mei Li appeared in some amazing movies and theatres acting too. One of her best works is “All About Eve” where she played Claudia Casswell. She made her theatrical debut with that Casswell character in the Noel Coward Theatre on February 2019. 

Jessie Mei Li also made her on-screen debut in 2018 with a short film called “Together, They Smoked”. She also appeared in “Travelooper” and “Locked Up Abroad” short films. Jessie Mei Li gave one of her best performances in Edgar Wright’s psychological horror film “Last Night in Soho”, released in 2021 where she depicted Lara Chung’s character. The girl also appeared in a music video for Uri Sade’s song called “A Thousand Ringing Bells”.

Because of her outstanding performance in every role she portrayed, Jessie Mei Li caught the eyes of all critics. She received critical acclaim cause of her amazing acting skills. However, besides all this, she raised curiosity among fans about her sexuality and there have been many rumors and speculations on that matter. 

There is been a practice among us of gossiping and discussing about celebrities’ sexual desires and about their personal life. Well, there is nothing wrong with that cause Jessie Mei Li and other celebrities are public figures and role models in our society so their actions, behaviors, lifestyle, etc. will get judged and talked about, it’s true. But the point is, all that discussing means no disrespect and criticizing Jessie Mei Li’s choice. It’s completely up to her, how she wants to define her identity and we fans respect that. 

Below we will discuss more about, whether Jessie Mei Li is gay or not and we wish her good luck in her flourishing career and want to see more of her diverse work. 

Jessie Mei Li Gende: Is She Gay? 

We did some research and as per our research sources it’s not hard to tell that, Jessie Mei Li is a gay person. She has displayed an LGBTQ rainbow flag on her Instagram page to support the community and symbolize it as one of their pride members. 

Jessie Mei Li recently had an interview with Digital Spy where she clear more obscurity that was surrounding her sexual interest towards men and women. In that interview, the actress talked about her own sexuality and the character she portrayed in Shadow and Bone series Alina. 

In the interview, Jessie Mei Li admitted herself as an LGBTQ person. She also said that her character is also gay and she doesn’t mind it. She thinks it is important for the character to be lesbian and she hopes that Alina gets a girlfriend by season 2. One thing we all should be clear about here is that whatever gender one identifies themselves as it’s a very complex and deeply personal issue. It’s ultimately up to that individual person how they are going to define their identity, choice, and sexuality. 

People always don’t stay the same, they changed, they discover new things about themselves, and they could have different ideologies and thought than they have today. So, if in the future Jessie Mei Li comes out other than a female or LGBTQ, it’s important that we all must support her and respect her whatever identity she chose to go with. 

Jessie Mei Li Talks About Her Sexuality

Well, for Jessie Mei Li fans to be specifically word by word clear, she hasn’t explicitly stated her sexuality. However, the rising actress talked about the importance of LGBTQ in the entertainment industry and why it’s necessary to have diversity in the TV movie show business. 

Jessie Mei Li had an interview with Glamour, in that interview, she talked about how the show cast characters from different communities, cultures, and backgrounds including LGBTQ. The actress said it’s vital to represent all that people from different communities cause this more diversity in the show and more people will able to connect themselves with the show. 

Is Jessie Mei Li Queer In Shadow And Bone?

Jessie Mei Li is the lead character of Shadow And Bone. Her character is named Alina Starko, she is a powerful Grisha and her superpower is that she can summon light. 

Now, if we look at the bookish version of Alina, there was nothing clearly said about what sexual identity she holds. However, the creator of the show finds that part should go deeper and need to be discussed more for character building. The show maker doesn’t only bring the LGBTQ into Alina’s characters, but he introduces many other LGBTQ characters in the series. 

For example, take the character Jesper Fahey. It is played by one of the marvelous actors Kit Young and in the book, the character is canonically gay. But the series version of the story surely carried over this aspect. 

Now, if we look at Alina’s character then it can be told for sure her sexual identity is still hidden. Most fans’ opinions about Alina are that she might be pansexual or bisexual. And that thought was raised because of her very close relationship with both males and females character, plus the fact her openness and willingness to connect with others made a point.

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