Jaula: The Spanish Film That Sweeps Netflix and in the Top 10 in 65 countries

Jaula was released in theaters on September 9, since the end of October. It is now available to watch on Netflix. There, it has lived a second chance after going unfairly unnoticed.

The film, directed and written by Ignacio Tatay, is a surprising thriller and one of the best films in the Spanish industry. Box office results may not have accompanied it, but it is currently in the Top 10 of Netflix in 65 countries.

America, Canada, the United States, and Brazil have been hooked on it in its first week of being available on the platform. Just like several countries in Asia, such as the Philippines, Turkey, Indonesia, or Malaysia, or Africa, such as Egypt, Morocco, or South Africa.

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Europe is where it has had the most impact and has been one of the most watched films in Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and Belgium … Virtually, the entire continent is watching it.

If we take a more general view, we see that Jaula—which holds the international title of The Chalk Line—ranks fourth in the most-watched movies this past week.

Only behind No Novelty on the Front, The School of Good and Evil, and The Angel of Death, which is the undisputed leader.

Paula and her husband return from dinner with friends when they encounter a girl walking alone on the road while driving. They decide to take her to the authorities. As the weeks pass, they become interested in her and are surprised that no one has come to pick her up.

For this reason, they temporarily welcome her into their home, aiming to save the relationship. But, the situation is complicated since the young woman is obsessed with a supposed monster that will punish her if she comes out of a square of chalk painted on the ground.

After the strong bond both create, Paula will enter dark paths to unravel the enigma of the little girl’s past.

In this way, Tatay creates a very dark atmosphere that hooks beautifully. A pleasant surprise that impacts and you do not expect. That’s why it’s no wonder it’s racking up so many hours of watching on Netflix’s global top.

The film is under the umbrella of Álex de la Iglesia and his production company, Pokeepsie Films. When the filmmaker learned the story of Jaula, he could not let it go.

It was love at first sight. “It was a crush. I sent Alex (de la Iglesia) the script on a Wednesday at seven in the afternoon. On Thursday morning, they called me and told me they wanted to produce the film, “says the director in an interview with SensaCine. Now that crush is sweeping the world.

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