Jamestown's Health Clubs Welcome All New Comers

At three of Jamestown’s best-known gyms, you can have fun and get fit simultaneously. Morgan Balskowski, one of the owners of Flex and Flo and New Age Fitness, said, “We want people to be happy and healthy, and exercise is a free form of therapy.”

“Our business plans to make gyms fun. Every year at the start of the year, there are lots of people who want to get fit and healthy. Our business will give them the chance to enjoy themselves more while they exercise than they could otherwise.”

Blaskowski said that she and her husband, Nick, have always been active and made exercise a top priority in their lives. “We love it when people move their bodies and think it’s important for them to do so,” Blaskowski explained.

The couple recently took over I Will Fitness and Training, which used to be owned by someone else. They changed the place’s name to Flex and Flo, but most of the services—especially the group fitness classes—have stayed the same.

Morgan said, “We have a mix of people coming in. However, some classes are harder than others in theory. That’s why instructors are here to help you feel comfortable, get rid of your nerves about going out to the gym for the first time, and ease into it.” Everyone here started somewhere.”

Flex and Flo offer hot yoga, which can help people who are tired or have sore muscles or a lot of toxins in their bodies. Members can’t take the hot yoga class as of January 23, but they should be able to do so in February. Flex and Flo clients can also get personal training along with group classes.

Morgan said, “We love it when new people try something new.” “I know it’s scary to go somewhere new, but we’re there to meet you right where you are. We get it. We understand. Most likely, we’ve been there ourselves.”

Morgan said there have been many more new members since the beginning of this year. She thinks this is because people realize they’ll need to put their health first at some point. Matt Odin, the owner of New Age Fitness, realized this when he was a student at Jamestown College. Odin said, “I didn’t grow up in a fit family.” “I had mental health problems for a while, and that helped.” He said that he got into fitness when all that was happening.

Odin moved back to Jamestown after getting his degree in exercise science from Moorhead State University. Odin opened a local, fully-equipped gym in 2008, the only gym in Buffalo City. Since then, there have been changes to how the gym works and what equipment members and potential clients can use. Odin said, “We do a little bit of everything, and it’s not always what you’d see at a regular gym.” “Power treadmills are owned by everyone. We have powered treadmills and treadmills that you have to push yourself on.

We have pieces for regular people who come in, for people who just want to do cardio, and for people who like to train in a cross-fit style. ” “It’s the same thing for weights,” he said. “We have something of everything. We have four weights ranging from 5 pounds to 50 pounds. All our benches are adjustable, so you can do everything from shoulder presses to declines on them.”

“Anyone who comes up to me or is doing something wrong, I will tell them,” Odin said. “I’m here to help people reach their goals.” “We do everything from sports training to bodybuilding to CrossFit and cardio workouts to physical therapy,” Odin said. “Everyone comes to a gym expecting different things or with different goals in mind, and we are here to help them with whatever they need.”

The number of people belonging to the New Age has stayed about the same, at about 200. Odin said that his gym doesn’t get a lot of new members at the beginning of the year but that if you like it, you stay. Odin says, “If you’re only in the fitness business to make money, that’s not a good enough reason to be there. You have to be there because you care about your clients and the results they are getting. You should help out.”

The Anytime Fitness district manager Jordan Padilla thinks like Odin. Padilla said, “We’re here for anyone and everyone. Everyone is a cool kid is our motto here. If you’ve never been to a gym or worked out in a long time, it can be scary to go in for the first time. We all work together, accept everyone, and love everyone.”

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