James Lafferty Dating History

The One Tree Hill star James Lafferty’s dating history tells us that he is quite the ladies’ man, from being linked to his co-star Sophie Bush to finding his perfect woman and getting married. The actor sure had quite a love life, which we will elaborate on to give you all the inside details.

One Tree Hill being a huge success on screen throughout nine seasons has led us to more curiosity to find out which one of Lafferty’s relationships was rumored, whom the actor dated for a long time, and how he met his current wife.

Let’s take a quick look at who James Lafferty has been linked to over the past few years.

NameYears Together
Rachael Wilson2005-2006
Sophia Bush2008-2009
Shantel Van Santen2009-2010
Eve Hewson2010-2015
Alexandra Park2018-Present

1. Rachael Wilson

Rachael Wilson

From 2005-2006 James Lafferty dated a lady named Rachael Wilson. She was a student at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, which was a location where One Tree Hill’s shooting often took place.

The relationship between the two was kept all hush which is why we don’t know why the couple split up within one year.

2. Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush

Moving on, let’s go into how co-star Sophia Bush, the One Tree Hill actress who played the role of Brooke on the series, is linked to James Lafferty’s dating history.

After these two spent an awful lot of time on screen, it was fairly evident that they would fall in love and start dating. As straightforward as it may sound but getting all lovey-dovey while shooting was most likely to lead to something in real life for the two. And besides, that, who wouldn’t want to be known as Lafferty’s other half?

However, the short fling only lasted for a year, but there was plenty of drama surrounding the relationship. At first, Sophie Bush was with Chad Murray, who also starred in One Tree Hill, and after dating for a year, they decided to get married. But due to Murray being unfaithful, the marriage only lasted for 5 months, after which Sophie couldn’t resist the charms of James and started dating him while shooting.

However, the whole situation was somewhat awkward as there was what we call a love triangle on the sets of the show, as Lafferty had to work with Murray, who was his girlfriend’s ex-husband.

Needless to say, James and Chad were very mature about the whole situation and managed to work without any hard feelings toward one another until Murray left the show in 2009.

Although James and Sophie could romance in peace with Murray not being around, the two split up within a year. Currently, Lafferty and Bush remain to be very good friends.

3. Shantel VanSanten

Shantel VanSanten 

The saying ‘What goes around comes around’ can be perfectly implied here as this time around, James Lafferty decided to romance another of his on-screen co-stars, Shantel VanSanten, while working with his ex Sophie Bush.

I mean, imagine the level of uneasiness while James had to work with both Sophie, his ex, and Shantel, his present girlfriend. To add icing on the cake, Sophie played his onscreen side chick while Shantel probably stood there watching, dying of jealousy!!

Anyhow this relationship didn’t work out either, leaving James single yet again and adding more drama to the sets of One Tree Hill.

4. Eve Hewson

Eve Hewson 

Finally, a relationship that can be recorded as one of the longest in James Lafferty’s dating history, yes, the actor managed to work his way around to date Eve Hewson who is the daughter of the legend Bono from U2.

Being part of such a successful show and the crush of millions of teenage girls, it’s not surprising that James got the chance to rub shoulders with celebrities.

James and Eve were spotted together twice in public in 2010, once in Dublin, where they were busy watching the Leopardstown Races while sharing a few kisses. And the other time, the couple was seen making out at a concert in New Jersey.

Although the couple looked like the perfect match, they ended their relationship after 5 years in 2015. James Lafferty always preferred to keep his personal life out of the public eye, which is why we don’t know why they broke up.

5. Alexandra Park

Alexandra Park 

Lafferty broke many hearts when he finally met his wonder woman and married her last year, who is none other than the Australian actress Alexandra Park.

The two came across one another in 2015 when James directed an episode of The Royals, where Alexandra was playing one of the lead roles.

But the duo took enough time to get to know one another and decided to go into a relationship which we all got to see in 2018 when they attended the Monte Carlo Festival together. After this, the couple kept their love life out of the limelight, not even posting pictures on social media.

However, in 2020 when James popped the question, and Alexandra said yes, he couldn’t help but let the whole world know by posting the news of their engagement on social media after the couple decided to visit Australia, the hometown of Alexandra.

The two paired up in 2021 to play husband and wife onscreen in the series ‘Everyone is Doing Great,’ where they loved working with each other.

Finally, in May 2022, the lovebirds tied the knot on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.


It is safe to say by looking at James Lafferty’s dating history that the actor is a true gentleman who sure prefers to keep his love life out of the media. Unlike other celebrities, this heartthrob did not have a string of relationships. Instead, he dated a few women. But sadly, we were unable to get details of the relationships due to James maintaining privacy.

All we know is that his past breakups were all mutual, and to this day, he remains friends with some of his ex-girlfriends.

Nonetheless, let’s all hope that the married couple James Lafferty and Alexandra Park live happily ever after!!!!

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