Is Travis McCullough Arrested? Is Alabama Shooter In Jail?

Yes, Travis McCullough was arrested and in jail now for his open gunfire.

Travis McCullough was recently named as one of the people suspected of shooting at the Sweet 16 Birthday Party which has taken over social media sites.

Tuskegee teen Travis McCullough was found as a suspect in the shooting that took place during a Sweet 16 celebration in Dadeville, Alabama.

Four people died and 32 were hurt at the Sweet 16 birthday party. Marsiah Collins, Phil Dowdell, Corbin Holston, and Shaunkivia Smith were the people who died in the open gunfire.

According to the reports provided by District Attorney Mike Segrest, there were still four people in severe condition. Recently, it was reported that the police caught three suspects, and Travis’s name was mentioned as one of them.

The Arrest Of Travis McCullough, Charged With Murder

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s Sergeant Jeremy Burkett said on Wednesday that the police took Travis McCullough into custody on Tuesday night. Not only was he a suspect in the shooting, but on the same day, another teenager named Ty Reik McCullough was also arrested.

In the same way, Wilson LaMar Hill Jr. was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon. All of the suspects were charged with a total of four counts of killing someone without any valid reason.

Mike Segrest, the district attorney, stated that the accused would be charged as adults in the case, and during the time that they were looking into it, the police department did not release any information about the shooting or the suspects.

During the time of the shooting, Phil Dowdell’s sister Alexis Dowdell was celebrating her Sweet 16 birthday party, which was attended by a large number of people who were having a good time.

Immediately the shooting started, which ultimately resulted in the deaths of four people and injuries to 32 more. Latonya Allen, Phil’s mother, was one of the partygoers who was hurt. According to Latonya, the fatal shooting sent partygoers scurrying, hiding, and crying.

Alexis claimed that Phil pushed her to the floor and protected her from the gunfire when the incident happened. After some time had passed, Phil was found inside the dance studio.

Is Alabama Shooter In Jail?

However, Travis McCullough is a person of interest in the Alabama killing. He was caught on Tuesday and charged with four counts of reckless murder. On Tuesday night, he was put in jail.

More charges are likely to come, and as of the time this article was written, Travis was in the hands of the police. So, the case is still being looked into, and the police will surely give more information when they have it. Therefore till then let us wait.

Sergeant Jeremy Burkett of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said that the three suspects would get heavy punishments for their part in the incident. The state has also asked that all three suspects be held without release. They should not come out at any chance with bail.

Details About Travis McCullough

Travis McCullough is a sixteen-year-old boy whose name came to popularity in the media as a result of a shooting that took place at a sweet sixteen birthday party. He was taken into custody at the same time as Ty Reik McCullough, another teenager.

People say that Travis and Ty are related. Yes, this is true. Travis and Ty are brothers but not a lot of information about Travis has been given to social media.

Ty is an American football player, according to his Twitter bio. His story has also been on Hudl. Ty is said to go to Booker T. Washington High School in Tuskegee, Alabama. He wore the number 21 on his shirt.

Ty also played Boys’ Varsity Football and took part in more than one game.

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