Tomi Lahren is a conservative political commentator as well as a television presenter. She first garnered attention hosting Tomi on TheBlaze. Here she used to do small commentary shots called ‘Final Thoughts’ where she shared her Republican view on current events and criticized liberal ideologies. At the time, she was named a ‘rising media star’ by the New York Times. However, in 2017, she was fired from the flame for saying that she believes women should have a right to an abortion, a view which was opposite of the conservative-republican view that abortion should not be readily available. After this, she began her work for the Great America Alliance.

Lahren differs on a lot of issues from typical conservatives. She calls herself constitutional conservatism. She specified that while she does not believe in abortion, she believes that it should be legally accessible to all women. She is also in favor of same-sex marriage. She is a proud Trump supporter who has run several news in favor of the former president. She has also mentioned that she is a Christian, and a lot of her political views stem from religion. At the same time, she calls herself an anti-feminist admirer of strong women.

Tomi Lahren
Tomi Lahren (Credits: People)

But she has not separated herself from all problematic views. Her opinions and commentaries have been a matter of controversy. Critics have called her work on race-based pieces racist and race-mongering. Lahren posted a tweet comparing the Black Lives Matter movement to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), a white supremacist organization. In one of her most controversial comments she spoke about how the “highlight” of her Thanksgiving Day was watching the United States Border Patrol fire tear gas at migrants who were trying to illegally cross the Mexico–United States border, a cruel statement to make, this comment sparked large outrage. Recently, however, she has been in the news about her pregnancy.

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Is Tomi Lahren Married?

Yes, Tomi Lahren is married. She was engaged twice before marrying her husband, J.P Arencibia. She announced her first engagement in 2019 to Brandon Frickle on her Instagram page, but it was called off in 2020. Following this, Lahren was associated with former Major League Baseball catcher as well as fellow broadcaster J.P Arencibia. She announced their engagement publicly on an episode of Justice with Judge Jeanine, and they were both married in 2022. Following her marriage, she moved to Nashville, Los Angeles.

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Is Tomi Lahren Pregnant?

No, Tomi Lahren is not pregnant. This television personality is not expecting a child at the moment. No solid proof or evidence has emerged regarding the alleged pregnancy. The couple has also made no announcements regarding this information.

Tomi Lahren
Tomi Lahren (Credits: Briskness Insider India)

At the moment, it would be better to assume that the news of Tomi Lahren’s alleged pregnancy is only a rumor at best. The hoax went quite far, with people not stepping away in expressing their curiosity about Lahren’s pregnancy. The rumors emerged after Lahren’s weight gain in 2023, which viewers assumed that the TV commentator was expecting.

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Why is this a Problem?

In 2019, this 30-year-old political commentator suffered from Anorexia. As a result of an awful breakup, she suffered from an eating disorder. She explained these struggles in an Instagram post herself. In a stark picture of herself from when she was 21, she showed how skinny she was.

Tharen talked about how she used to starve herself or run seven miles a day because she wanted to be skinny. Now as she recovers from these traumas and heals herself, the internet is full of rumors about her being pregnant because she has gained weight. This is incredibly problematic and undermines her story of recovery, and sends the wrong message.

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Did She Spread the Rumors?

There is no legitimate evidence to suggest that she was the one who spread these rumors. Local tabloids first reported that she might be pregnant when she went out to dinner with her partner. As reported, she allegedly toasted with water twice instead of wine. This, paired with her recent weight gain, led to speculations that Lahren was pregnant. The couple has not spoken anything about in regards to the news. Until there is a confirmation from the parties involved, this information will be only speculation and nothing more.  

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