In 2023, misinformation is a huge issue and the newest edition to it is the giant lawn worm, know if its real or fe

A video of a guy pulling out a ‘giant lawn worm’ from the drain of someone’s lawn is getting viral. But no one knows if it is real or fe.

It comes as a picture of a magnificent creature which is known as Lynx Owl who had the internet in awe but turned out to be made using an artificial intelligence

Explained is the giant lawn worm in Australia on TikTok real or fe as pictures go viral

The giant lawn worm video was uploaded by a TikTok user named Tim the Lawnmower Man. He is a gardener and he shoots and mes videos of him while transforming people’s lawns.

He has filmed another user called The Unblocker Aus who unclogs drains for a living pulling something sickening from the beneath of grass.

The clients are complaining that their lawn is losing its color.

“Rodney’s pulling this out. It’s a giant lawn worm. They can eat away all the roots of the plant,” he further continues – by adding it’s the “biggest ones” he has seen since.

The other uses all its strength to pull out a worm, a brown worm-shaped object from the drain, wing out into the road as it’s so so big.

Is ‘Giant Lawn Worm’ from TikTok real?

No, giant worms from viral videos are not real ones. The guy in the lawn was not pulling out a worm, he was removing a long line of tree roots that had grown in the sewer pipe.

However, real species which are the Giant Gippsland earthworm are commonly nicknamed as the giant earthworms. They are on average one meter long and two centimeters in their diameter, although their body expands and they appear even larger. The worms live deep in the soil.

Video fooled people on TikTok

The clip posted back in the month of March continues to trick people even in May, with an amazing fan following of 36.8 million views in total.

One person said, “Australia has never meant for civilization.”

“New fear has unlocked,” another one said.

Third said, “Is that alive???”

Another one wrote: “Only in Australia.”

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