Swedish-American Psychic Fia Johansson Married

The husband and wife of actress Fia Johansson have a loving and respectful relationship. This married couple has been together for quite some time and is the proud parents of a young boy.

The Persian psychic frequently mentions her spouse in her posts on social media, such as a picture of the two of them having fun together while on vacation at Big Bear Lake.

Fia gives the impression that she and her husband are having a good time in their marriage by saying, “When you get wedded, your allegiance, and first last, is to your partner and the family you make together.”

Johansson frequently includes witty and affectionate remarks in her social media photos that feature her husband. Her captions commonly include phrases like “Successful relationships require a love affair several times, yet consistently with the same person.”

On Father’s Day in 2021, Fia shared photographs of her husband and son on her Instagram account, along with the statement, “A happy family is a reflection of a good father and a loving husband.”

In Sweden, Fia met the man who would become her future husband. After being married, the couple went to the United States.

As she did not understand English, she experienced a lot of anxiety shortly after arriving in the United States.

Despite this, she began her business as a psychic almost immediately after meeting her first customer at the beach.

Fia has been relatively cagey about the identity of her husband. In addition to this, she has not been forthcoming about the line of work that her spouse has or his family history.

A clairvoyant who is notorious for making audacious predictions is Fia Johansson. Who exactly is Fia Johansson’s husband, though? Further information about her background and her wealth can be found here.

Fia Johansson is a Swedish-American psychic detective as well as an entrepreneur. Her stage name, Persian Medium, also knows her.

She has recently broadened her professional horizons by becoming an actress and a film producer and expanding her role as a keynote speaker.

Because of the high regard in which her psychic abilities are held, she frequently seeks assistance in solving puzzling instances. In addition to that, she possesses a valid private investigator license.

Avid Advice, one of the most prominent advice platforms, was established by Fia. Since its inception, the platform has acquired a dedicated following.

Several high-profile individuals are VIP clients of Avid Advice, and the company employs many psychologists, geniuses, mediums, and intuitive counselors.

Recently, Fia has been in the spotlight for predicting where to find the missing girl Madeline McCann, stating that she is in Germany. This assertion has placed Fia in the center of attention.

In addition, she refuted the claims presented by Julia Faustyana, who asserted that she was Madeline McCann, stating that Julia Faustyana’s mental state was “not good” and that her history was a jumbled mess.

Background about Fia Johansson’s Family and Current Net Worth

On the 10th of April, 1982, Fia Johnasson was born in Iran. Yet, she has not provided a lot of information about her parents.

At the age of 14, Johansson uprooted her life and relocated all by herself to Stockholm in, Sweden. Since she was a little child, Fia has had the ambition to start her own business.

She started several enterprises and was able to financially support herself independently while she was living in Stockholm.

In the year 2000, Fia launched her professional life by providing individuals with psychic business guidance, thereby assisting them in discovering latent potential.

She started working as a psychic investigator for Sweden’s Law Enforcement and Intelligence Services shortly after she became a well-known figure in the country.

As of February 2023, it is anticipated that Fia Johansson has a net worth of ten million dollars.

Now, Fia is recognized as one of the most gifted psychics in the world and has given presentations at several prestigious conferences worldwide.

She has been profiled in high-caliber publications such as Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, among others.

In addition to that, Johansson is the author of a couple of novels.

She is the author of the book “Re-Coding Your Brain for a Better Life: The Key to Igniting Your Mind and Achieving Your Goals,” She is also a co-author of Jack Canfield’s book “Success Techniques.”

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