Is Roy Cropper Going Somewhere After Leaving Coronation Street? Is He Sick?

Yes, Roy Cropper is moving to South America after leaving Coronation Street. He is not leaving due to any sickness but still, he looked a little bit weak.

Roy Cropper is an imaginary character that was developed for the ITV series Coronation Street which appears in the United Kingdom. David Neilson plays the role of Roy Cropper.

On July 19, 1995, he made his first appearance on the show as a supporting character. However, in 1997, the show’s executive producer, Brian Park, increased the significance of the character’s role.

David Neilson has been one of the actors portraying Roy Cropper, a legendary figure in the soap opera, for a long period of time now.

It was shown in a recent episode that he left a dance session early, which gave the impression that he was feeling sick. However, it is not established if this was due to sickness or any other reason.

Fans are concerned about what will happen to Roy on the program as a result of his recent health issues.

Is Roy Copper Going Somewhere?

In November 2021, Roy Cropper announced that he was leaving Coronation Street and moving to South America.

In July 1995, David Neilson debuted on Coronation Street playing the role of Roy Cropper. Over the course of the show’s history, viewers have formed a deep love for his character.

Roy was initially shown as a secondary person in the program; however, with time, his significance has grown to the point that he is now considered one of the most important characters.

After running away from home in 1995 in order to get away from a troubled childhood and an abusive stepfather, Roy Cropper settled into one of the apartments on Crimea Street.

Before he moved to Weatherfield, he worked as a chef in hotels and restaurants and when he moved there, he got a job at Jim’s Café on Rosamund Street.

After one year, Cropper bought the majority of the firm from Alma Baldwin and rebranded it as Roy’s Rolls.

Since 1999, he has lived in the apartment that is located directly above the café that he owns and works, on Victoria Street.

However, before the end of the year 2021, Roy surprised everyone by leaving Weatherfield and getting in a taxi. Before he left, he transferred his whole estate to his niece Nina Lucas.

After a storyline involving a hate crime in which he prevented Abi Franklin from shooting the person who killed her son and helped cover up the use of the pistol in another murder, Roy decided to leave the show.

Roy chose to leave the Street in November 2021 because he felt guilty. He went to South America, which made fans and people who lived on the Street sad with tears in their eyes.

From the last show, it looks like Roy Cropper is sick. In an earlier story, Roy was full of guilt because he tried to hide a crime.

Ultimately, he left Coronation Street to go to South America, but he did not leave because he was sick.

But after a recent episode in which Roy seemed sick, fans are worried that he might die.

Roy seemed awkward and distracted during his dance lesson with Evelyn Plummer, and he had to leave early because he was feeling sick.

When he went to get his dog Freddie from Alan Halsall, who played Tyrone Dobbs, he was in a hurry and didn’t talk to anyone.

Later, Evelyn talked to Roy and thought that he was sad because he was thinking about Hayley Cropper, who was played by Julie Hesmondhalgh.

Therefore, the audience is left wondering whether the character will suffer from a more serious sickness or continue through a sad plot in the future.

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