When Reece James Gay dyed his hair pink, rumours began to spread online about him being gay

Continue reading the article to know his s*xuality.

Reece James is a professional football player who presently competes for the England national team and Chelsea Football Club in the Premier League. The right-back has established himself as one of the most promising young defenders in English football.

Is Chelsea defender Reece James gay and does he have a girlfriend

He started out with the Chelsea youth academy. In 2019, after rising through the ranks, he made his club debut as a professional.  James soon established himself as a dependable member of the Chelsea squad, garnering accolades for his strong defensive prowess and capacity to support the offence with his passing and crossing skills.

James is not gay but dates Mia McClenaghan.

Reece James is not gay. He coloured his hair pink, which is when the gay accusations started. When he was classified as gay, the LGBT community’s supporters erupted in the colour pink. His ardent admirers are pleading with him to accept his s*xuality in the open and come out. James hasn’t yet responded to the rumours, though. The LGBT community believes he will bre new ground by declaring himself to be gay; rumours that he plans to do it as soon as possible. However, this is just a rumour.

There has also been a rumour that James has been dating Mia McClenaghan for more than two years. In November 2020, the pair declared their relationship. Mia is currently residing in London as she completes her legal education. The couple frequently posted images on social media and seemed to be in a committed relationship.

More about Mia McClenaghan

English-born and -raised Mia McClenaghan now resides in London with her partner. She is a law student who is nearly finished with her coursework. She has Irish ancestry as well. She has experience doing interviews for LUSH cosmeti and Citizens Advice. Mia McClenaghan has worked at McKenzie Friend and experimented in a number of fields.

She and James have also ten part in a number of charitable endeavours. He has contributed money to the NHS in order to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and has ten part in the “Te the Knee” Campaign in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Reece James’ family

Reece James’ father, Nigel James, is a top professional football player and the owner of a football training facility that produces players with UEFA licences. However, it is unknown who his mother is.

Joshua James and Lauren James, his brother and sister, are both football fans. Joshua was a fantastic athlete from a young age, but he decided against playing professionally. Lauren James is a star in the women’s Premier League and plays for Chelsea’s female team. She was a member of the Manchester United women’s team before joining the Blues.

Reece James’ net worth in 2023

According to sources, the right-back has a net worth of $10 million. His main source of income comes from his outstanding football career. He agreed to a contract in 2019 to serve as their right-back, and as of now, he earns $118,120 a week.

He receives a total annual salary of $3.7 million. His estimated net worth is $10 million with a market value of $45.9 million.


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